Research Director, Inc. Calls For Third-Party Review Of Voltair’s Ratings Impact


July 30, 2015
As the NIELSEN/VOLTAIR controversy rages on, THE RESEARCH DIRECTOR posted its own analysis on its website. Weighing both pros, cons and those in the middle, Partner MARC GREENSPAN called for a third-party review to see if there’s fire behind all the smoke.
After citing the bullet points from NIELSEN’s webinar and noticing that the ratings service didn’t actually evaluate where VOLTAIR actually impacts ratings, THE RESEARCH DIRECTOR took it upon itself to do just that. “We have looked at the pre and post-VOLTAIR meter exposure for several stations,” GREENSPAN wrote.

“We have seen more, sometimes considerably more, exposure by meter keepers after VOLTAIR was installed. This has resulted in significant ratings increases. Is this actual listening that the meter was missing, or is the meter now picking up watermarks for audio that could not be heard by the human ear? We at RESEARCH DIRECTOR, INC. do not know the answer to this important question.

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