Corus Cuts! Lexine & Zenon Gone from Calgary’s Q107 and More…

Lexine Stevens and Zenon West




Got word earlier this afternoon Lexine Stephens and Zenon West are no longer with Calgary’s  Q107 and what now appears to be an across the country cuts for Corus….


  1. Corus made cuts all over. Jeff Woods, Dominik Diamond, Nails Mahoney and more. Looks like to me at most of the rock based stations no on air hosts after 6 or 7 at night. There will probably be a lot more of hosts broadcasting from Vancouver or Toronto on stations in smaller markets. I think if they wanted to save money they should have cut some people in management that still have jobs after all the screw ups made across the country. Especially in places like Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.

  2. Sad to see Zenon’s 30+ year run come to an end…from intern to old-timer! Well done Zenon and all the best.

  3. Nope. Can’t cut management, they are the biggest shareholders and must be protected. Who needs people on the air, radio stations (as one GM told me) are just brands. They don’t care if you listen to the station, as long as you think of that station brand when thinking about radio.

  4. I once had a GM at Corus tell me the same thing, Phillip. As he spoke, the irony of the company slogan being “Corus cares” was not lost on me. He gave the spiel in between sharing stories about how he just purchased his “dream home” and his life was so inconvenienced by the renovations that his “designer” decided on. (Know your audience)

    To those whose wounds are still fresh there is a plus side. In time you’ll learn, being fired from Corus isn’t the lowest point in your career. Working for them was.

  5. I had no idea that Nails Mahoney AKA Brian McColl (a PSR contributor from 2008) had crossed the pond back to Canada. And now he’s out of work? Best of luck to him and all the rest of the folks who were shown the door at Corus yesterday.

  6. Sorry to hear that once again one of the nicest people in the business has had to deal with a layoff.
    Lexine is a great talent and a truly nice person that I hope can return to the air soon.

  7. Sad to see Lex and Z get cut. Two great people who I enjoyed working with.

    Once again, Corus is “making a sound business decision that will secure market share and ensure a return to robust earnings in Q3.” That’s how a dumpster fire of a company like Corus responds to market conditions.

    Is there a course in business school titled “Radio Management by Decoder Ring?”

    Revenues are down! We should:
    a) Reduce air staff and play more music. (After all, radio is the only source for cheap, easily accessible music in 2015.)
    b) Fire the person who has spent a decade plus building a relationship with the community who now makes juuust enough to buy a house in the suburbs. Instead, let’s bring in a kid right out of radio school, pay them half and work them double. We’ll punt them too in a few years.

    Corus will come to the right decision. After all, they spent significantly more on consultants to reach these decisions than they did on Lex and Z’s salaries.

    (I am jaded – you got me. Seeing bad things happen to good people far too often in radio. Jocks get cut, managerial and sales staff all drive luxury cars.)

  8. Scummy company BUT just look at who the shareholders are. They don’t seem capable of doing anything right. I feel sorry for those still employed by Corus..

  9. Gotta agree with Garth Ross. Sad to see some great radio people getting the heave ho…while the stuffed shirts keep receiving the bonuses that are written into their contracts. And to Better Off Laid Off…it’s amazing some of the dumb and/ or insensitive things managers have done or said. Perhaps PSR should write a blog on that. I have stories…boy, do I have stories…

  10. Have listened to Zenon West since he began in Cowtown. He is one of the most knowledgeable & talented rock announcers around. Great on air presence. What a loss for the listeners. That’s “commercial radio” for you. Big corporation. Calgary deserves better. Good luck to Zenon & thanks for making “Classic Rock” radio more enjoyable! Won’t be tuning 107 on my radio dial anymore…

  11. Lex was the best, she was like the girl next door, very sweet and cool and everyone loved her. She dated Jason, got married, had kids and we lived it, Missed her when she was on maternity leave but was happy for her. I am just a listener. Hope she gets back on the airwaves in Calgary soon. Zenon West rocks and it is crazy that he also was let go. Corus you suck!

  12. Enough of the Jeff and Sara crap, we have to listen to these two fog horns open their mouths just to hear them selves, and then you make them the highlight of the station. You people replaced some awesome people with these two idiots and no wonder the listeners are going to other stations. The management should have their heads examined and be committed to the nut house


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