Matt & Eric Exit Jack FM Calgary

Matt O’Neill and Eric Francis

It would appear that Matt & Eric have been relieved of morning show duties at Jack FM in Calgary.  All references to the pair – who have been the morning show hosts since 2003 when the Rogers station launched in Calgary  – have been removed from the Jack FM website (


  1. It’s too bad they are gone. JackFM started on the air just after I came to Calgary and I’ve been listening to Matt and Eric and JackFM ever since. Now I’ll listen to whatever station they go to. I guess it won’t be JackFM any more. Kelly Abbot is the best person they have left on the air. I’ll miss her.

  2. Have been listening to these guys from day one. Also have had a chance to meet them a few times. Two people who where funny on air, and truly great people off air.

    Good bye JackFM, I will never listen to you again.

  3. I loved Matt, Eric and Kelly (and Donnie). I thought they were just on vacation until week 4. Then I googled it and I am very dismayed. Not impressed with the on-air replacements thus far. Will be looking for a new station.

  4. I have been listening since day one, Matt and Eric made the morning show. We will not be listening to Jack anymore which is a shame after enjoying the morning show for so long. The morning show is not the same without them. I think this was a real bad move on the station’s part to take them off the air

  5. So sad to hear Matt and Eric are no longer there. Have been on vacation and thought they were as well. Made my mornings enjoyable, they were so funny and interesting. Not impressed with morning show.
    Good bye JackFM.

  6. The JACK FM morning show…. has just become Vanilla. ( sorry Kelly). Matt and Eric were a riot, and always made our household laugh. I am sure whatever Matt and Eric are up to- they will do well. I no longer feel any sense of loyalty to JACK FM.

  7. Been listening to Matt & Eric ever since they started. Very disappointed how they disappeared in thin air. Feel sorry for Kelly & Donnie as the 4 were a great team. They made mine and many others mornings. Moving on to better music.

  8. Have to say I’m very disappointed & shocked to find out Matt & Eric were removed from Jack’s morning show. Done so abruptly with no consideration of their loyal listeners!! Not sure what station I will be listening to now?!

  9. I kept thinking Matt and Eric were on vacation. Soooo disappointed that they are no longer doing the morning show on Jack FM. Goes to show that everyone is indeed dispensible. Jack was my favorite station, and now it is so dull and boring! I’ll be finding a new favorite station now!

  10. Wow. Shocked and saddened to hear that Matt & Eric are gone! The station just isn’t the same without this dynamic duo. I’d be seriously worried about your ratings from hereon in. No more JackFM for me. So long. Time to switch the station! 🙁

  11. Very sorry to hear that Matt and Eric are off the air, and I too am in search of another radio station to listen to during my drive to and from work. They were truly entertaining and funny to listen to, and it was with great disappointment I heard of their “departure”. Not sure what the issues were, but assuming it was an involuntary departure on their part, Jack has made a big mistake… 🙁

  12. I too loved the chemistry and entertainment provided by the whole team: Matt, Eric, Donnie, and Kelly. Great morning updates on current events, great humor and great music. I did not need an I-pod for 12 years with Jack FM on the air. Regardless of the reason for Matt and Eric leaving the show – the radio station did a poor job of handling the transition – I was surprised to hear the Herald inquiries were passed to a station employee who refused provide their name. My own inquiries did not yield any information on future programming (playing requests etc.). Jack should look at getting a public relations person in their restructuring plan. Good luck Matt and Eric – hope to hear from you soon…Kelly, Donnie hang in there…maybe you will get a call…

  13. I was so excited to hear Matt & Eric on the radio when they first came to Calgary. They were always good for a laugh (and let’s face it, who doesn’t need a good laugh on the way to work or when getting the kids ready for school). I am so unimpressed and will now be looking for another radio station to listen to daily. I’ll miss Kelly and the news. You blew it Rogers! BIG. TIME. I hope Matt & Eric find a new home elsewhere here in Calgary because they will have a loyal group of supporters following them.

  14. Jack FM with Matt and Eric was the only reason I listened to that radio station, it was the only time I liked the choice of music when they were on and the only duo I was willing to listen to as far as morning shows go. They had perfect chemistry together when it came down to the comedy part of the show, it was like they never stopped with the “improv!” They were the true definition of the word. They were as good as “SCTV” while also being informative! The new show would be really horrible if it wasn’t for Kelly Abbott, I’m so disappointed with the station switching over that I won’t be continuing to listen to Jack. Big mistake for the stations loyal listeners, watch the ratings drop even further now if they thought they were low before they decided to do the switch!

  15. I really enjoyed their banter and only listened to Jack FM for their morning show. Kelly does a great job with the news and enjoyed her input with them but the station needs Matt and Eric. I will also miss Eric’s sports knowledge. Guess I am going to check out Sirius XM because I haven’t yet found a morning show that I enjoy as much. The station should have handled their exit much better.

  16. My intent in my following comments is in no way to squelch the sentiment that everyone has for Matt and Eric. I am sure they are great people and yes, every now and then they made me laugh as well. I guess for me it has more to do with the music. After all, I have my friends and family for actual conversation, banter and comicality. I am from an era where FM was all about the music and AM was all about the talking. Give me a station that goes back to the roots of more good music and less talking about gardens, the wind and when or when not to wear white and that will be the station I would be more willing to be loyal to.

  17. Like a few other comments I thought they were just getting a much needed, much deserved extra vacation. Was horrified to hear they were no longer with Jack. I have been a permanent and steady fan of Matt/Eric since day one. They set the bar when it came to radio show hosts and my channel has never changed in 12 years. Now I listen to everything but Jack. Shame on you for taking this duo away from us listeners I won’t be back until they are!

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