Victoria Harbourcats Games Airing on Shaw TV


July 21st, 2015





PLAYOFFS (if applicable)

Victoria, BC – For the first time LIVE (to tape) baseball games will be airing on Vancouver Island television screens. SHAW TV has agreed to air a Victoria HarbourCats game of the week premiering July 22nd at 6pm and will continue to air games until the end of the season including playoffs (if applicable).

“We broadcast all the HarbourCats home games LIVE streaming online and to have SHAW TV come in and re-broadcast the game of the week will be an awesome way of showcasing not only the quality of broadcast that we’ve worked so hard to produce but also the atmosphere of a live West Coast League game from Royal Athletic Park on a warm summer evening” says Chris Jaycox from Go LIVE Broadcasts.

“We’ve got 4 cameras and a talented team to produce the games including the details like: Full player graphics and scoreboard features that really give the games a polished, Blue Jays look. The best part is there isn’t any commercial interruption”.

For people who’ve thought about coming down to the ballpark to catch a game this is an excellent way to take a look at what Jim Swanson and his staff have been creating, a great fan experience.

Dave Gamble from SHAW in Victoria is just as excited to see the games go to air this year and moving forward has agreed to run a fiber line from the ballpark to SHAW’s headquarters at  the Memorial Arena with a proposed deal on the table to air every home game LIVE for the 2016 season.





  1. Playoffs…..yea right…… Here is a team that has only won 2 series at home this season. They are under .500 Eight games out of first…. Lost 4 in a row to Bellingham and play them 5 more times.

    I know that this is a developmental league for NCAA players, but the errors that this team makes on a regular basis is laughable.

    They have to improve the on field product. The off field product is great and Mira does a good job. But we need a team that knows it can win… Like Bellingham…. Not a team that “thinks it can” and when an error happens, they fold like a 70’s leisure suit.

  2. I like to hear that the Harbourcats and Shaw are working toward airing every home game live in 2016. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to broadcast a game five days after it was actually played.

  3. Actually, more people would rather watch minor league baseball in person than on television. More people will show up to games at the RAP than watch Shaw’s live broadcast. The Harbourcats are just looking to expose more of their product to the south island.

  4. I watched it! Looked great! Well done Chris, I think you have a winner on your hands. Look forward to LIVE next season. Good for you too SHAW


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