CNN Blasts CBS News’ Major Garrett for asking Obama Tough Questions


By John Holte


July 16, 2015

During Wednesday’s national press conference about his Iran deal, President Obama played the media like a fiddle. It was a situation where the media was so compliant the questioners were hand-picked by the White House beforehand, the president filibustered throughout, and Obama ended the event by asking himself the questions he wanted to answer.

Only Major Garrett of CBS News asked a truly tough question, a question that was obviously framed in a way to cut through the president’s rigorously-rehearsed talking points. For daring to question the Lightbringer in the same way the media questioned President George W. Bush for 8 years,  CNN went hard after Garrett over two news hours (thus far).

Before Don Lemon was brought on later to beclown himself, CNN’s congressional correspondent, Dana Bash, attacked Garrett as “disrespectful.”

I’ve been a White House reporter, you’ve been a White House report… You know what it’s like to stand up and ask the president a question — and you do want to be tough. But there’s a fine line, especially standing in the East Room — a fine line between asking a tough question and maybe crossing that line a little bit, and maybe being disrespectful. So I think that that happened there.

But that wasn’t enough.  Read More HERE


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  1. So being the good little Obama cheerleaders that they are, CNN tore into Garrett for daring to ask tough questions of the Great Pretender. No surprise there.

  2. It amazes me people like Old South can be so naive when it comes to what is going on south of the border. Take the blinders off OS, things are anything but good below the 49th. I wouldn’t be surprised to see civil war breaking out with the way the Obama administration seems so hell bent on bringing the once great nation to her knees, and don’t think for a moment the WH hasn’t already made preparations for that very thing, what with the FEMA camps being set up around the country. There’s a ‘buzz’ in the air things will begin to crumble, and not that far away, I regret to say. And hey, Bush and the GOP are no better. They’re all on the same course of bringing the United States into global governance. What about Donald Trump you might ask. This man, although a republican is not like your average republican. He walks to his own beat, which I think is great, but I don’t believe the establishment will allow him to enter the White House, even if he were to become a successful challenger from a third party as presidential candidate. Remember JFK?

  3. Old South- I thought Obama had successfully driven the USA down the tubes already. His competence is Bush on steroids.

    Getting back to the story I cant believe the president and many of the press corp are upset at Garrett for serving up more than the usual softballs. Journalists are doing their jobs if they have politicians dodging questions regardless of political stripe. Right now the US government has control over the press more than it has ever been.

  4. Conservatives always think the end of the world is near when their guy isn’t President. The reality is that just because you don’t agree with Barack Obama’s policies, it doesn’t make him an evil tyrant. Try living in some third world countries and you would quickly realize how great things are in North America.

  5. @ Chris:

    “The reality is that just because you don’t agree with Barack Obama’s policies, it doesn’t make him an evil tyrant.”

    Ignoring and dismissing the truth about Barack Obama and his policies doesn’t make it untrue. If you’d rather turn a blind eye to what he and his regime have done to the US and how they’ve influenced world affairs, that’s on you, not on anyone else.

    ” Try living in some third world countries and you would quickly realize how great things are in North America.”

    At the rate Obama’s been going, a lot of us are sure that he’d like to have the US (and by extension, North America) become like a third world country (under Communist, Marxist or Islamic rule) thanks to his policies – none of which would be happening now if he’d been properly vetted and scrutinized back in 2007 when he announced his presidential run.


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