Tom Harrison’s New Book on Vancouver’s Rock & Roll Roots


Thanks to Gord Lansdell for drawing our attention to a new ebook from The Province Hall of Fame writer Tom Harrison.  A History of Vancouver Rock ’n’ Roll looks back at the pioneers, visionaries and mavericks who started the local recording industry and turned it into a music hotbed with international stars and producers.

Red Robinson got his start in radio when he was still a teenager.


To celebrate its release, The Province is running excerpts from the eBook every Sunday this summer.  Chapter One: Welcome to Vancouver, Rock ’n’ Roll includes the local pioneers, Al Jordan (far right), Red Robinson (centre), CJOR PD Vic Waters (left/upper) and CKNW’s Jack Cullen (left/lower).

And you can read that excerpt  HERE at The Province website.


  1. Tom has come a long way since his student days at UBC CITR. I think he ended up with an education degree, but parlayed his encyclopedic musical knowledge into freelancing for the Georgia Straight. I recall Jeani Read cajoled him into succeeding her as Province music critic, even driving him to a concert to give him a primer on the routine.

    Jeani went on to do superb work as a lifestyles columnist and died, far too early, a few years ago. Tom had his own brush with mortality, but persevered to continue writing for The Province. Glad to hear he’s now launched this book. I’ll be in line to buy a copy.


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