RIP Bob Merchant, 69, of C-FUN, C-ISL, CHNL, CKXL, CJCA

  • MERCHANT, Robert (Bob) Sydney

1946 – 2015
Bob passed away peacefully at Langley Memorial Hospital (Maple Hill Building) on Tuesday, June 9, 2015 in his 69th year. Robert was the beloved son of mother, the late Rita Evans, and father, the late Guy Merchant. He will be lovingly remembered by his sister Diane Clark (Tom) and brother Chester Merchant (Donna). His niece Nadine Caseres, husband Dan, and children Sofia and Isabella. His nephew Colin Clark, wife Laurie, and children Kirsten and Mitchell. He will also be remembered by his longtime, loving friend Valerie Curry and greatly missed by his little dog Vinney. He worked many years at his first love, radio, as an announcer in various stations, including CKXL Calgary, CJCA Edmonton, CHNL Kamloops, CFUN Vancouver and CISL in Richmond. His latest work endeavour was a short time selling real estate in the Lower Mainland area. He will be missed by all who knew him. The family would also like to give a special thanks to Dr. Chapman, the nurses and care staff at the Langley Memorial Hospital, and the Maple Hill building for the care and compassion shown to Bob. A Celebration of Life will be held at a later date.

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  1. Truly a sad day to hear about MadDog’s passing. Although he wasn’t at NL Kamloops for a long time, he made a significant impact with many of the on air staff. That’s a legacy that his family can be proud of, and broadcasters can aspire to. RIP Bob.

  2. Bob and I worked together at CHNL. One of the best hires I ever made. A great talent and a fun guy to call a friend. I didn’t like his snake though. Lot’s of stories, great memories.
    Best wishes to his family.

  3. I remember Bob replacing Don Percy at CISL back in 1991. Tough shoes to fill, for sure, but Bob brought his own brand of class and humour to the airwaves. I met him later that same year when dropping off some Christmas treats to the station. A super nice guy, who at the time I recall was dreading the prospect of running his own board over the Christmas vacation! 🙂 I gather he was always a dog-person; I remember him talking about his little puppy Seenote (?) back then. I think his last radio gig was weekend news anchor at NW2 in 2001-022. RIP Bob!

  4. The Mad Dog was a beauty, a genuine real life character. He worked at NL twice, I got to know him during his 2nd go round in the ‘Loops in the early 80’s. I’d loved him on CFUN and couldn’t believe he was coming to be my PD and a mentor as I began a career. He loved chatting radio tales and sure had some from the wild CFUN days. We’d park in his pick-up at night high above town and listen to signals skipping into our region from far away and shoot the breeze. Great stuff. Driving a t-roof Corvette with his feet along Spanish Banks, the beach, not the road, well, many many more, more appropriately shared among friends over beers. Bear, Swets, Dawk.. A pint over some Doggy chat very soon. Rest well big fella.

  5. He was a very Unique and Special Person.. I couldn’t believe that Snake he owned. That Snake was on stage with that wild singer. We met in Vancouver when he was “MAD DOG MERCHANT”.. Then we met again in Kamloops. I introduced him to a Freind of mine and they were married in Kamloops. SOOO many years ago. I’m sad to hear of his passing.
    R.I.P. –MAD DOG.!!

  6. I have obviously learned… late, of Bob’s passing. He was such an original. So much fun.
    When I was briefly news director at CFUN and wondering what the heck I was doing, I commented to Bob that I could really use a Caesar. A few minutes later, he wandered into my office and plunked a tall glass with salted rim on my desk. Once I saw the celery, I knew he had brought me just what I wanted. Somehow he had sneaked a Caesar out of the Bimini down the street.
    And the red trousers. Does anyone remember the red pants?! Merchant, you truly were a fashion statement.
    So many stories.
    You were quite a guy, Bob Merchant. Have fun up there in Heaven.


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