Media Shines in Health Ministry Firings/Death Coverage




By Harvey Oberfeld

Keeping It Real…

June the 15th, 2015


See! I told you there are still many good reporters, pundits and commentators in BC’s media … if they would only be allowed to set aside the drivel and go after REAL issues!

The coverage, revelations, commentaries and questioning by BC’s media over the past two weeks on the disgraceful government actions and attempted smokescreens over the firings of eight Health Ministry staffers and contractors has been terrific, revealing, relentless and even inspiring.

I believe this is the biggest scandal in BC since the BC Rail fiasco … and BOTH deserve even a lot MORE pushing, pulling and pursuit to get the truth out … ALL the truth, ALL the facts and the identification of ALL those responsible and ALL those who tried to cover-up and whitewash what really happened.

And the NDP is absolutely correct in calling for a full public inquiry into this matter.

Eight people …and their families … had their entire lives turned upside down in 2012 by a government witch-hunt that was clearly based on nothing of substance: one staffer impugned in the matter later committed suicide…. adding MORE tragedy to a baseless travesty.

And Premier Christy Clark, Health Minister Terry Lake, Health Ministry officials MUST be held to account … for not only what happened, but for the lies (RCMP investigation?) they used to stop answering questions about it.

“This scandal speaks directly to the character of the premier,” Opposition Leader John Horgan declared. “An innocent person is dead and seven others had their lives thrown into turmoil after this government falsely announced they were under an RCMP investigation. The premier has finally admitted this is true. Now, there must be action and real accountability.”


And none of this would have been kept alive, kept in the public eye and kept real for all to see had it not ben for the persistence of the media …yes the MSM.

Deserving particular kudos: Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer; Province columnist Mike Smyth; and CKNW morning host Jon MComb.  In fact, it’s not too late: I urge you to go to NW’s Audio Vault and listen to McComb’s  canvassing of the issue on Tuesday, June 9 from 9:06 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

This should be just the beginning.

The government must NOT be allowed to play for time, to slink towards through the Summer recess in the hope it will all pass by Labour Day.


This should not be over until the FULL story is out … and those RESPONSIBLE  are fully exposed …and pay the price.

Harv Oberfeld


  1. Bravo BC media. Your pursuit of the truth is admirable. Those of us who have had our Integrity questioned applaud your perseverance. I do not support any political party however Christy’s penchant for believing we are all lacking intelligent analysis and common sense is the root of our distrain for our criticism of the Liberal agenda. Please Christy…accept that you are miles over your head and let qualified and honourable people guide this province. You did your best… It’s not enough. We need leadership …. accept the fact that we have better options than the 2015 liberals

  2. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I am positive that when a Government that we the people elected, mislead not only their supporters, but also a Federal Police Force, that there is something extremely corrupt trying to be stifled.


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