Health Canada goes after CKNW over Medical Marijuana ads

This file photo shows a medical marijuana plant at a dispensary in Seattle on Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012. (AP / Ted S. Warren)

OTTAWA — Health Canada has asked a Vancouver radio station not to promote marijuana, saying a CKNW radio host made “promotional representations” about a medical marijuana dispensary.

In a letter, the department reminds the popular station that advertising marijuana is illegal and that it could be punished with fines by law.

“Health Canada is asking that CKNW AM not engage in the advertising of marijuana or encourage Canadians to participate in illegal activities,” says the letter dated June 1.

The letter says a host known as DJ Drex directed people to visit a Vancouver marijuana dispensary during a segment on May 12.

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  1. Oh oh. Now what does NW do will the loss of this ad revenue. Maybe they can scrounge up a few more used car dealerships or loan shark companies. Seems thats the only advertiser they attract lately.

  2. Uh, check with Health Canada, or Advertising Bureau, BEFORE you start trying to sell ads for a Medical Marijuana store = because, as they say, the product is called an ‘illegal narcotic’.
    No one bothered to call and ask if these ads were kosher?

    Who gets tagged with this mess.

    I was shocked at this lack of oversight. Wow.

  3. Promoting marijuana, is that like promoting homosexuality! I don’t exactly know what Drex is trying to do, other than improve ratings. I am against all forms of advertising that promote smoking of any kind. When are the ratings finally coming out?

  4. And I say Bravo to the likes of Drex and CKNW for having the balls to go where no other radio/tv station dare to go. In the first place, this has nothing to do with recreational smoking, its about the medicinal benefits of Cannabis. I’m not talking about smoking a joint, but ingesting the oil, which will not give you a high! Do you realize GP’s once carried cannabis in their medical bags and prescribed to their patients. One of the benefits of this miracle herb is it removes nausea, but one of the greatest benefits of cannabis is it KILLS Cancer Cells. Its all about Pharma not being able to patent cannabis, yet for years Pharma has included cannabis in many of their medicines. In 1923 Pharma had won when the Canadian government banned substance. Its all about the money honey! If Canada is looking for true heroes of the day, a man name Rick Simpson should carry the crown. His personal testimony of being cured of cancer started his journey of helping over 5,000 other cancer patients be rid of this horrendous disease. See the Rick Simpson story HERE

  5. Ed, time to put down the bong. Please put some real time and effort into studying the causation and treatment of cancer before saying cannabis is the be-all and end-all for those suffering from it.

    The complexity of cancer is overwhelming. Claiming that cannabis is a “cure” is no different from what the snake-oil salesmen of the late 1800s – early 1900s traded upon, selling highly questionable ointments and elixirs to desperate people, saying it’s good for what ails ’em.

    Granted, cannabis can help to alleviate the nausea many undergoing treatment suffer from, but any claims that it kills cancer cells is complete BS. Study the actual science that researchers are exploring in regards to treatment options instead of the poor quality anecdotal stories like those in the link you provided.

    As for CKNW, it doesn’t surprise me that they’ve gotten their wrists slapped by Health Canada, advertising for smoking has been banned for decades, why would cannabis be any different? Chalk up another one for the IK-lead braintrust in the Black Tower.

  6. One has to wonder how IK continues to still be employed at NW. This little stunt they pulled — is this on the same logic as “any publicity is good publicity”??
    Or were both IK and Drex partaking in smoking of cannabis when they thought up this idea — just saying…

  7. Such a personal and questionable dig at Ed from Willy, but of course Willy knows all even before taking the time to view the video about Rick Simpson. The fact is Willy and others, we the public were scammed by big Pharma and slick politicians and told a big fat lie about Hemp. Did you realiize when the hemp industry was beginning to flourish in America, it was Newspaper publisher William Randolf Hearst who held vast holdings in the forest industry along with Dupont and some slick politicians not only demonzied the hemp industry with terror videos like ‘Reefer Madness’ and soon had the law on their side. Hemp Video

  8. I find this all very humorous. We have an inexperienced and obviously uneducated talk show host wanna-be who professes there is absolutely nothing wrong with smoking marijuana, and brags about how many times he’s been fired (not an attractive quality and tells me everything I need to know about him), a sales department so desperate to bring in money, a ‘brand’ director under fire for plummeting ratings grasping at straws, lawyers who did not do their due diligence. If it was a publicity stunt, and I doubt that it was, it was weak at best. BTW, Corus can ill-afford to make too many mistakes taking on a government agency like Health Canada, because their ‘cousins’ down the hall may look at you with a hairy eyeball next time you want a license renewal/application. NW, you’ve just given the CRTC a nice big ace-in-the-hole. And for that alone, heads have gotta roll.

  9. Gunter, I watched the Simpson video via the link from Ed. I stand by my statement, there may be anecdotal stories about the efficacy of cannabis, but it is not a cure for cancer. It is as much a cure as any other questionable “alternative” treatment that’s been shilled over the past century: vitamin C, laetrile, macrobiotics, metabolic therapy, shark cartilage, etc etc etc.

    According to the American Cancer Society, cures attributed to questionable “alternative” treatments are usually found to fall into one or more of five categories:
    ** The patient never had cancer.
    ** A cancer was cured or put into remission by proven therapy, but questionable therapy was also used and erroneously credited for the beneficial result
    ** The cancer is progressing but is erroneously represented as slowed or cured.
    ** The patient has died as a result of the cancer (or is lost to follow-up) but is represented as cured.
    ** The patient had a spontaneous remission (very rare) or slow-growing cancer that is publicized as a cure.

    Again, cannabis can helpful with the nausea associated with treatment and may help stimulate appetite, a side-effect that may be beneficial for those dealing with cachexia, a syndrome affecting about half of all cancer patients, in which the tumor induces metabolic changes leading to a loss of muscle mass.

    I’m going to assume that you like cannabis and/or hemp products. Use them in good health. Some like beer after work, others a nice scotch, and then there are those who unwind with a big bowl full of Purple Kush. To each their own. I have no problem with pot. I do have a problem with people making outlandish medical claims about the use of pot, all without the benefit of hard, verifiable scientific research to back up their claims.

    Sorry to everybody for veering so widely off-topic, mainly that of Health Canada, CKNW and the programming genius of IK.

  10. Ignorance is Bliss Willy, Congratulations! What a mocker you are when you know diddly squat.
    Obviously you did NOT watch the Rick Simpson video, because had you, you would have surely commented on the mini-documentary inclusion with the CBC’s Wendy Mesley who had breast cancer and her search and interview with the New York doctor. Humble yourself and watch the video Willy. You will surely learn something……

  11. Sorry Bart, the inclusion of a few clips from Mesley’s documentary, purposely edited to fit the narrative Rick Simpson is attempting to tell, does nothing to prove your case.

    Until the pot enthusiasts apply scientific methodology to their claims — testing, replication, external peer review — the anecdotal declarations of being able to “cure” any disease will simply remain anecdotal. But hey, believe what you want, it’s your life.

  12. It’s 2015 for cripes sake and hello….it’s a plant. Can’t wait til having a salad results in a swat team on your doorstep. LOL

  13. Well, I am sure all have now heard the SC’s decision today. Renders a lot of the argument moot eh? Interesting that both the feds and of course the Health Minister who takes her marching orders from Harper The Horrible, are fighting a losing battle over pot. So though I am no fan of Dreck or Mr. King’s Party, perhaps they weren’t so off the wall after all?


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