Radio News Budgets Flat, Website Profits Down




June the 1st, 2015

While local TV newsrooms are growing and turning profits, research from the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) says the same is not true for radio. More than 60% of television newsrooms report profitable operations, just short of the record in 2013.

But at radio just over 13% report profits from local newsrooms, up slightly from last year’s low of 12.5%.

Meanwhile, just under half of TV newsrooms reported budget increases this year, while most radio news budgets stayed flat.

Additionally, RTDNA reports that the profitability of television websites continues to grow, while “radio station website profits are shrinking, particularly in larger markets.

See more numbers on this topic and get additional insights from the RTDNA’s latest newsroom survey HERE.


  1. Media is getting pulverized. Everyone is mobile and the whole millennial coterie don’t give two hoots for ‘old style’ – they are ME and NOW.
    Short media stocks and buy your own!

  2. Tom Jeffries has a very good point. After my departure from radio in 2014 (not from my own I too, went to the intra-web (lolz) . And if your interested, the blog is called FVN Fraser Valley News Sports and Entertainment (SHAMELESS PLUG HERE)


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