“Tributes” Flow As Imus Ends FBN Simulcast



Don Imus


May 28, 2015

Don, opening the program by declaring, “Ordinarily when I leave these jobs it’s by police escort.”

While his radio show will continue (Imus confirmed he’s just inked a new contract with Cumulus Media), that didn’t stop many of his FOX colleagues from offering some tongue-in-cheek “tributes” to the I-Man via a special audio/video prepared for today’s show.

“What a sad day,” said FOX News Channel personality and Premiere Networks syndicated Talk radio host Sean Hannity. “The FOX Business Network is going to lose the cranky, contentious, Imus In The Morning. Don, you are an icon, a legend, and if people knew the Imus that I know, you’d be fired again!” FOX Business anchor and self-proclaimed “Imus groupie” Neil Cavuto lamented Imus’ departure from FBN, but rejoiced that he will still be able to hear him on radio everyday saying, “I take great comfort, as I have for decades, in knowing that Don Imus is not dead — he just looks like he is.”

Hear a podcast of the show posted on the WABC website HERE.

Cavuto’s ten-minute video tribute to Imus is HERE.




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