Victoria Radio Ratings … Spring 2015


Survey period March 2-April 26     A 12+  Universe 346,020

Station                                                       Share        Central Reach (000)    Trend

CBCVFM  (Radio One)                        18.5                           79.7                     +1.5

CKKQFM   (The Q)                               12.0                           72.2                      -2.8

CFAX    (News/Talk 1070)                  9.2                            56.7                     -1.1

CIOC    (Ocean 98.5|)                            8.3                             44.8                     +2.3

CHBE   (Kool FM)                                    8.0                             57.5                      +0.6

CJZN    (The Zone 91.3)                       6.7                              51.2                     -0.5

CHTT     (KISS 103.1)                             2.3                              25.5                      -1.4


  1. Nice bump for The Ocean at the expense of the ever ratings challenged CHTT.
    Same audience ROGERS had before just shifting from one station to the other?

  2. Its been a long, long, long time since any station had an 18 share in Victoria, my question is, where are the numbers coming from for CBC? Does anyone do an analysis for these smaller markets?

  3. Interesting to note. CBC is at the top of the ratings in almost all of these markets listed.
    So no one listens to the CBC, eh? Whats up with that?

  4. Where did all the Jack listeners go? I think those in the know said they were going to the Q. Maybe they were CBC listeners at heart.

  5. The people asking about CBC radio’s ratings just have to look at Victoria’s demographics. Older people from across Canada migrate to Victoria to retire. They are largely responsible for the number of listeners that CBC radio has.

  6. Chris,

    So how do you explain CBC’s ratings dominance in places like that retirement bastion Prince George?

  7. I am amazed ‘FAX did as well as they did but not surprised they are slipping. After the Ocean, they have the most pablum-like programming. Of course the listening public has no idea what a real newsroom sounds like since CKDA went off the air so I suppose they are willing to accept a news department which has readers (not news-people) who can’t pronounce “News” or Sooke and who can’t read a complete sentence without a stall, stutter or mis-pronunciation.

  8. I think that with the music on commercial radio being so bad, listeners want news and information as provided by CBC everywhere.

  9. Bud! CFAX has a lot of over the age of 70 listeners and that skews their share. And they listen only in the mornings. Remember Victoria….newly wed and nearly dead 🙂 Too bad there are no 25-54 share numbers. I bet it is a lot different

  10. The poster asking about CBC’s ratings dominance in smaller cities like Prince George only has to look at the whole region. The main city in north central BC is Prince George so that means a percentage of people in the surrounding communities like Williams Lake, Quesnel and Smithers will be listening to CBC Prince George.

  11. You could be right Walter. That 25-54 group would largely be educated by socialist teachers and so many would not realize the “news” casters can barely speak English because neither can they.

  12. CBC has come to be regarded here as NPR is in the States. Turning off commercial radio, our liberals now tune in to the CBC to hear liberal radio hosts toss softballs at liberal politicians, and to learn what is culturally and morally acceptable in the arts. It’s the cool thing to do now for these students, young professionals and raging grannies; they are getting exactly the message they want to hear. And having all those repeaters on FM doesn’t hurt either.

  13. Alan. So it has nothing to do with the fact that CBC has intelligent, thought-provoking, interesting programming with presenters who actually know a thing or two about a thing or two?
    Your comments are vague and do not make a point…what is your point?

  14. Steve. Did you tune in on Friday afternoon to hear the giggling, gasping host- girl discussing beer? You may like the CBC “sound” but don’t claim it’s “intelligent, thought-provoking, interesting programming with presenters who actually know a thing or two about a thing or two.” It ain’t.


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