40 Years after Seasons in the Sun



40 years after his ‘Seasons In the Sun’ became a worldwide smash, Fiona Forbes of Shaw’s Fiona’s Show talks with the legendary B.C. singer-songwriter Terry Jacks about his career and the new double anthology album ‘Starfish on the Beach’


  1. Terry was also featured on yesterday’s Red Rock Diner on CISL 650. I’ve never met the man, but am acquainted with both his late father, Quinton, as well as his brother Ron. Quinton used to swim in the next lane over from me many a morning at Vancouver’s Arbutus Club. Ron Jacks swam in at least one Olympic Games (Munich ’72?), and has gone on to an illustrious coaching career at both the Olympic and Paralympic levels. I don’t believe that Terry ever achived that degree of athletic success. Perhaps the line from “Seasons in the Sun”, “I was the black sheep of the family” is slightly autobiographical?

  2. And don’t forget Terry’s other brother Craig who, for years was a lifeguard around Kits Beach or other Vancouver beaches.


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