Mira Laurence Finds Work … but Off the Air


Six months after being fired at CTV Vancouver Island, one of Vancouver Island’s  best TV personalities has found meaningful work .. but outiside the broadcast business.

Mira Laurence has accepted the position of Community Relations and Marketting Manager for the Victoria HarbourCats baseball team, and the Victoria Grizzlies of the BC Hockey League. The HarbourCats have also added Mira to the team’s community advisory board.

“Mira’s contacts in the community and her knowledge of what makes teams and events successful will be a great addition to the HarbourCats, and being able to work with the Grizzlies in bringing her on board shows the community commitment of both of these franchises,” said John Wilson, who is part of the ownership of both the Grizzlies and HarbourCats. “Everyone knows Mira, everyone knows her commitment to sports in Victoria and all of Vancouver Island. To be able to involve her leading up to the HarbourCats season, and then into the Grizzlies 2015-16 season is a great situation for us all.”

Laurence’s role will involve VIP and hosting involvement at Sports Traders Diamond at RAP, and her PR strengths and abilities to host events will be invaluable to both the HarbourCats and Grizzlies.

“We’re excited to add her energy and passion for local sports to the park this year, and we think this will be a big part in helping take the gameday atmosphere to a new level,” said Jim Swanson, General Manager of the HarbourCats. “It was a natural to work with Sonya Saujani, Vice-President of the Grizzlies, to make this happen for both organizations and for Mira. There are many opportunities for the two organizations to work together down the road as well, and we look forward to exploring those.”

PSR extends our congratulations to Ms. Laurence, but regrets that we as viewers and listeners will continue to be denied daily exposure to her positive, enthusiastic energy.

(portions of the above courtesy of VictoriaBuzz.com)


  1. I’m sure we will see a lot of Mira in clips from HarbourCats and Grizzlies events. Nice to see her back in action.

  2. I am surprised Mira stayed in Victoria after CTV let her go. I always thought she would go to another station in the country to be the sports anchor. Credit to her for staying in Victoria.


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