CHEK’s Victoria Day Parade .. in Glorious SD













It’s disappointing that CHEK can still only broadcast commercials and syndicated programming in High Definition.  Even its CBC News footage in the CHEK newscasts comes up fuzzy on my HD receiver.

Unless I’m watching CHEK’s broadcast of CBC Vancouver News at 6 or 11.

Watching the Parade today the live shots are in standard definition, but 80% of the inserts (commercials and promos) are in High Def.

This becomes even more disappointing now that the competition down the road (CTV Vancouver Island) has been originating EVERYTHING in HD for some time.

And while CHEK is devoting about three hours live today to the Island Farms’ Victoria Day Parade, (and another 2.5 hours to a taped playback,) they are again planning no local newscast on this, a statutory holiday.   Is there any other station, even in a third-world country, which cancels a weekday newscast because it’s a stat holiday.  I  very much doubt it.


  1. That’s interesting .. and surprising.

    But Lloydminster stations serve a population of 28,000. The population of Greater Victoria is MORE THAN TEN TIMES GREATER. Our CTV station is producing 2.5 hours of local news, at 5, 6 and 11… but CHEK …. nada.

    Their only news today will be from CBC Vancouver at 6 and 11.

  2. yes, but I understand CTV Vancouver Island is only Monday through Friday and no ‘live’ newscasts on the weekend? So the station celebrates Stat holidays, I can think of a lot worse things. As for not telecasting in HD, are you suggesting this as another death wish upon the struggling locally owned and operated tv station?

  3. CHEK broadcast news on Sunday when Skye Ryan had some kind of metal contraption on her neck. Today (Monday) it was a rebroadcast of the parade in Victoria…no news! Pretty lame!

  4. Rtan, your information is flawed. CTV -VI only does a half-hour on Saturday & Sunday .. but they do a full schedule every stat holiday. You can get away with less on the weekends, but any weekday without ANY news coverage looks like the union rules and rates may be getting in the way of sound management decisions.

  5. It’s a matter of dollars and cents. CHEK will move to HD eventually but the cost is prohibitive for the employee owners now. No newscast on a stat is bad but I am sure nobody hates it more than them. On Victoria Day the budget to pay a crew at time-and-a-half goes to the parade. If they dropped that and had a newscast instead there’d be complaints about that here. Give them a break. Regarding CTV the station does not broadcast local productions in HD but did recently convert to 16×9 and even in SD their digital signal is cleaner. Also CTV’s weekend news is taped but is aired within about an hour.


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