Edmonton’s BT Cancelled according to Ryan…




Sickened to hear former colleagues laid off w/ @BTedmonton cancelled. Good people victims of tough industry. (Evening show in works.) #yeg


  1. The first casualty of the CRTC’s reduced CanCon regulations during daytime.

    Expect many many many more to follow.

  2. This is also tied to cost cutting. Rogers over paid for Hockey and the revenue has been lousy in Radio and other media. The poor staff are paying the price for a dumb move at HQ.
    Things are going to be very bumpy. I hope not to many people are affected.

  3. When TSN and Bell bailed out of the bidding for the NHL Canadian TV contract quickly last year, everyone knew that Rogers overpaid to have the NHL rights. Now its having a devastating effect on all the people at the bottom of the totem pole.


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