CRTC Commissioner for Ontario in Power Struggle with CRTC Chairman


            Raj Sloan


According to Broadcast Dialogue this week, there appears to be a power struggle between Ontario CRTC Commissioner Raj Shoan and Chairman Jean-Pierre Blais (pictured, below).

Shoan has launched legal action over allegations of harassment by e-mail and raising questions about the chairman’s authority. “I have taken an important step in ensuring that the work of the commissioners of the CRTC continues in an independent and transparent fashion, free from undue interference according to the legislative acts that govern the practise of the Commission,” he said.

While details are vague, suggestions include a clash between the two, including Blais’ senior staff, over the extent of the chairman’s power over CRTC commissioners. Shoan’s court filing seeks a judicial review of Blais having put limits on Shoan’s professional communications, phone calls and e-mail.

This all stems from a complaint by the Commission’s executive director of communications and external relations, Amanda Cliff, which the filing claims is based on various e-mail exchanges over several months in which Shoan challenged the policy and legal bases for many of Cliff’s proposed courses of action…


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