The Goddard Report: California Drought and HAARP?


Mainstream Media Shuts Down Discussion about this stuff?

California, the San J0achin Valley, one of the worlds most productive and recognized bread baskets of the world has been shut down…

We the People… the will of the people… the U.S. Constitution… learn more…

Puget Sound Radio thanks Jim Goddard and the Goddard Report for this report from the Talk Digital Network questioning Author Ellen Brown about what the heck is going on in the state of California. Has California been targeted over the years continuing to become the drought state of the nation, and why?




  1. Just heard the interview with Goddard and Ellen Brown of California. It seems that both people have an insight into “what’s really happening out there.”

    It gives me hope that not everyone is wilfully blind.

    An eye-opener was when Brown said that the third most common cause of death today is conventional medicine. That’s a shocker, yet it makes complete sense.

    To get to the point at hand, as you illustrated in your headline, the mainstream media is ignoring this one too. I’m not sure if they’re stupid, or just scared shitless. Probably the latter.

    As I’ve said before, there is SO MUCH out there we don’t know about. The truth, if it was known, would shock the hell out of people and they’d want to ignore it anyway, for their own peace of mind. And we make fun of the ostrich for sticking its head in the ground??

  2. Thanks Jim Goddard report for an interesting interview. It took a while for me to grasp this, as I like most folks, suffer from cognitive dissonance. But that’s long gone since figuring out that most text books we learned from over the decades and the controlled mainstream mantra has been put aside to observe through simple observations. Keep the reports coming.


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