Lack of Experience Hurting TV News Ratings – Harvey Oberfeld


Jim Goddard of Talk Digital Network’s the Goddard Report talks with Harvey Oberfeld….



  1. I just listened to Harvey Oberfeld’s stinging rebuke of television news and its so called lack of experience. But then, Harv tosses the baby out with the proverbial bathwater, in claiming that CBC newscaster Andrew Chang has no gravitas.

    That claim is simply bullshit !

    Why he claims that about Mr, Chang is anyone;s guess! Andrew Chang is an experienced and excellent journalist who had previously worked for 10 years in Montreal television, a market much larger than Vancouver .

    I guess that a visible minority with 10 years experience doesn’t have the same currency as a white anchor, in Harvey’s mind ?

    Andrew Chang is the first oriental man to anchor a Vancouver tv newscast.

    Global Vancouver has not had an oriental anchor on its newcasts since Mi Jung Lee.

    During her time at BCTV, Mi Jung was routinely discriminated against by a number of shit disturbers in the BCTV newsroom. Rednecks who could not accept her ?

    The “same old same old” point of view cannot work anymore, Harvey !

    Even your former boss (Cameron Bell) points that out, but it must be said that in Cam Bell’s BCTV newsroom. there were few visible minorities.

    Everything was white. So, maybe a more integrated newsroom is the change that Oberfeld and Bell talk about ?

  2. my apologies to Sophie Lui, a long time Global Anchor and also, Sonia Sunger a more recent addition. However, both of those anchors have lots of journalistic experience, in spite of what Harvey claims.

  3. The real deal or the political correct one? If someones ethnic background gets them a promotion, or a pass thats just wrong.
    Most people judge based on performance and talent. You want us to judge based on ethnicity.
    That would make you a tad racist.

  4. ” If someones ethnic background gets them a promotion, or a pass thats just wrong. ”

    I never said that minorities should be automatically promoted. That’s your opinion, not mine.

    The comment made about Andrew Change “lacking gravitas” is blatantly unfair, and is probably racist, in itself.

    Andrew has 10 years of major market tv experience from Montreal. He is smooth, professional and covered the last Quebec provincial election, eloquently, as a moderator and host.

    Did you see Andrew in action ? CBC Montreal “kicked ass” during that election over the lethargic CTV (CFCF) and Global Montreal.

    Harvey’s comments that today’s tv anchors are unable to handle important breaking news stories, like the Grace McCarthy scandal, but only “average” stories like crime, robberies, etc, smacks of arrogance to me.

    I think that since Oberfeld has such a dismal view of the tv news business, he has only one option, left, and do a Gordie Howe and put on the uniform at age 50 plus and come out of retirement !

    Yes, do a Gordie Howe or a knuckleballer Phil Niekro and pitch into your 50’s…and lets see if people tee off on Oberfeld and hit ball after ball into the upper deck ?

    People are getting awfully tired of his constant badmouthing of Global Vancouver.

  5. You made some sence up to people getting tired of his badmouthing Global Vancouver.
    That newscast has become laughable. From the endless technical gaffes to the insipid inane content . To compare Global today to BCTV of yesterday is a waste of good key strokes.

  6. “people are getting awfully tired of his badmouthing Global”

    If ratings measure Globals fall from the top spot acurately then to badmouth Global is not tiresome it is a natural reaction to a product that isnt living up to the standard it set in the past.

    I wonder how you feel about Harvies constant badmouthing of NW . Both of these Shaw owned buisnesses have been decimated by cost cutting. If they were first time entities then we would not have past preformance to compare . They both pale when compared to their pre Shaw days.

  7. I agree that Harvey is living in some Leave It To Beaver / Father Knows Best world in which TV anchor’s held unearned prominence and sway.

    I guess his version of local anchor ‘gravitas’ was Tony Parsons, arguably the most boring, monosyllabic news reader in recent memory.

    Andrew Chang is by far and away the liveliest and most versatile anchor in Vancouver (and probably the country).

    He is a superb interviewer and almost always does those interviews ‘live’.

    As for ‘the real deal’ observation that Mr. Chang is “oriental”, does he realize that he may as well refer to the majority of anchors as honkies?

    Both words, oriental and honky, are considered pejoratives.

    But hey, orientalize away.

  8. I’m not a CBC watcher, so haven’t caught their newscast until the other day after hockey ended. And I was impressed with Andrew Chang. I recall seeing him in Sochi, which obviously was a sports anchoring effort, but his work the other day was very good.


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