Do You Know Glen “Robbie” Robitaille of Kamloops? He’s 97 .. and a CKWX Pioneer


Hi there – I am a television reporter at CFJC-TV in Kamloops seeking archive material or information about Glen “Robbie” Robitaille.(pictured below in an earlier time). He is still alive and living here in Kamloops, and we’re doing a story on his broadcasting career, which spans 50 years. He is now 97 years old but from 1934 – 1942 he worked at CKWX in Vancouver, hosting such shows as “Behind the Mike” and “Make Believe Ballroom.” We wanted to verify whether he is one of Canada’s oldest living broadcasters, and find out if there are pictures or audio floating around out there.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have.

Tara Gostelow



  1. Tara says thanks to everyone who responded. She says your information will be very useful when they air the salute to Glen Robitaille on CFJC-TV.


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