Hudson Mack Visit Leads to Newsroom Walkout at CHEK

Hudson Mack

We’re just now getting word about an interesting development at CHEK last week.  In the wake of Jim Beatty’s resignation we were told that a Hudson Mack visit was imminent, ostensibly NOT to apply for work, but to bring his Royal Roads students to visit the ‘jobsite.’

Now we’re hearing that when Hudson and his class showed up, five CHEK staff members walked out and wouldn’t come back until he left. Even after news director Rob Germain threatened them with letters in their file. They later said it wasn’t about Hudson, it was about a lack of management in the newsroom. At which point Rob left for the day!

So not only is there some residual ill will from the time Mr. Mack defected to the competition a decade ago, it would appear not all is well staff relations-wise within the current operation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
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Rob Germain, CHEK News Director


  1. I know two seasoned journos who enquired about CHEK newsroom positions in the last few years and weren’t even given the courtesy of a reply from Mr. Germain. It appears to be either job insecurity or just plain old incompetence.

  2. I think the employees are lucky to have the union at CHEK. In a real business that behavior would be rewarded with a pink slip, but The Union is running CHEK so the consequences will be zero.
    CHEK has had no news direction since Ian Haysom left about a dozen years ago. He was a people person and a real news guy.

  3. This is really a shame to hear. When I look at the logistics of CHEK, I personally believe Hudson Mack in name recognition alone would and could help steer the ship back on course. For management to go by, well lets let a gal anchor the main desk. Sorry, that would only be a bandaid solution… With Mack on board they need to get some young fresh reporters out in the field. Gotta say it, CTV Vancouver Island’s new talent is becoming impressive.

  4. Rob Germain “Left for the day” Mar 18 to attend a family gathering at his father’s gravesite on what would have been his 81’st birthday.
    Ed Bain

  5. CHEK may have more problems than just finances. I ran into an employee today and was told there were way more than 5 walking out. Even disciplinary threats didn’t bring them back. Sounds like the place is out of control.

  6. It’s also sounding like there may be a need for new ownership at CHEK to get things back on track, from what I’ve been reading.

  7. Just to confirm what Wayne said about being more than 5, the number of people who went outside and played the waiting game was actual 12.

  8. This situation is puzzling. Did the employees leave the newsroom because they were upset that Hudson Mack was there? Maybe there is some bitter feelings towards him because CHEK started struggling soon after Mack departed for CTV Vancouver Island.

  9. As I said on another thread, Hudson Mack would not be welcome back at CHEK for a myriad of reasons. I believe the walkout by staff was to make that point loud a clear. I hear it was also heard loud and clear. As for what Anthony said above: “I personally believe Hudson Mack in name recognition alone would and could help steer the ship back on course.” Well to repeat what I wrote earlier, his “name recognition” did nothing at VI/A Channel/A\CTV2. CHEK does not need an old horse. It needs a fresh face. And Chris, CHEK did not start struggling after Hudson left. It actually saw some of it’s highest ratings after he left. CHEK started struggling after GLOBAL threatened to close it then sold it to the new owner’s. That was 5 years after he left. CHEK is one of the only independent stations in Canada. Not an easy road but they do not have the deep pockets of Bell Media behind them to subsidize steep losses like they have at CTV2. So looks to me like they’re actually doing pretty good.

  10. Hey BCGuyhere, do you work at CHEK? You seem to know a lot about what is going on there. Personally, I think CHEK should make Monica Martinez the new 5 pm anchor. She definitely would help bring a fresh face to the main news broadcast.

  11. Chris, I’ve been around the Vancouver/Victoria media market for some time in many facets and know a few people. Yes Ms. Martinez would be one of those fresh faces, but perhaps not quite enough experience yet.

  12. What a bunch of uninformed drivel! Nothing more than a lot of idle speculation. Bcguyhere is the only one here that has a clue.

  13. Here is some thought why did Hudson go to visit CHEK and Not CTV Vancouver Island? Could it be that something happened at CTV to where he is no longer welcomed? Also at the time if you were offered more money to leave one place for another would you go……? I bet the majority of us would leave an employer for more money. And lets face it most of us would. In the end it is a cut throat business.

  14. And the Editor notes, once again Hudson Mack scores here on Puget Sound Radio with the most popular post on our forum for the month of March 2015. Last year he ranked up over 15, 000 Views, one of the leading posts we’ve featured on PSR.


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