New report says MSNBC is moving to the right



MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow

March 19, 2015

Just as it is at the ballot box here in America and Israel, leftism undisguised is dying in cable news. According to a Politico report, MSNBC is sinking fast and prepared to throw everyone overboard not named Joe Scarborough and Rachel Maddow.  The new apparent plan is to move the failing cable news channel to the political right, and in some cases not even stopping at the center. It looks as though MSNBC is looking for a conservative host.

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  1. God I hope so.

    Chris Hayes, in particular, has always been a TV turn off with his way-too-fast vocal delivery. He’s a bright guy, but comes across like Beaker on speed.

    Rachel Maddow will probably survive the purge, but someone really needs to force her to lose the snarky belittling of those whose arguments she can’t counter with facts.

    The biggest problem for MSNBC is the constant recycling of their “contributors.” The minute you see Eugene Robinson, Joan Walsh et al, you know it’s going to be thin gruel, a stream of Democratic Party talking points. They need to find experts in particular fields to opine in a non-partisan way on issues of the day. For instance, there are pro-and-con arguments as to whether President Obama violates the constitution. Give viewers both sides, and I’m sure MSNBC will start to right its ship.


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