Pepper & Dylan gone from Virgin Edmonton


Posted on the Pepper & Dylan Facbook page this morning….

Today was our last day on Virgin Radio.

Just a quick list of thank you’s from the Pepper & Dylan Show:

Thank you to Virgin Radio. It was a great four years and the privilege to be part of the launch of the brand was a very special experience.

Thank you to everyone who listened and took part in the show every morning. We liked to make our show as fun, spontaneous, interactive and unique as possible. Your commitment to ur show in invaluable.

Thanks for listening and…. LOVE YA

Pepper, Dylan, Lamya & Robbie

on Twitter @pepperanddylan

Presenting Ian MacKinnon and Chelsea Bird

Edmonton’s Virgin Radio’s new morning duo HERE



  1. Is it just me or what? Considering PPMs have just started, why would you toss out your morning team now? Is there a format flip in the works too?

  2. @Randy if a format flip were in the works, wouldn’t that continue to screw around with Bell’s contract with the Virgin format? They just solved the mess in Vancouver.

  3. The battle of a few shares in Edmonton. Much like Mad Dog in Toronto (minus a few 100 listeners) I doubt anyone is gonna care or notice this move much.

  4. Really Whocares? They’ve been a staple in the market for a long time, and incredibly strong competition. If you think no one cares go check out the comments on their Facebook page.

  5. Hi Ryder. Unfortunately, Bell seems to view it differently than you, and does not seem to care. I am sure decisions to remove a *staple morning show* do not come over night. Obliviously. Much like the decision was made to bring Kid Carson into mornings on Sonic in Vancouver from The Beat.

  6. This too shall pass. Unfortunately it happens ALL THE TIME. Wish all four nothing but the best!

    It’s a business. Business’ need to make money. Numbers were not good and have been on a steady decline for a long time. I am surprised they pulled the trigger during ratings.

    Take a look at the 3 CHR’s in this town. Between the 3 of em’….their shares total an 8 share?? That’s a solid number for 1 station. There’s too many.

    With their midday talent also leaving…the next few weeks should be interesting!

  7. Jim – I agree.

    Ratings have been on a steady decline now for a long time.
    Regardless if they’re good people, or had a great sounding show. If you’re not making the station money and bringing in ratings. Well, you get the picture.

    An 8 share between 3 stations is not something to brag about, and is kind of laughable in a market the size of Edmonton. Edmonton is a over saturated market, and really not big enough to carry that many stations playing Katey Perry, etc.

  8. There’s some interesting talk about who Bell will bring in. Comments above don’t seem to focus on that little scenario. Also best of luck to that whole show—a talented group.
    A real time of change for the building on Stoney Plain Road.

  9. it didn’t pass when they left the bounce, I highly doubt it’s going to pass this time. They have listeners from all over Canada following them. Bell seems to forget what good they do for the community also.

  10. Sigh – Hopefully they haven’t left the city – I hope they turn up quickly on another station. Wish it wasn’t all so secretive. If anyone finds out Pls post – I follow them – not the station.

  11. As of late, it seems like it’s a race between the big 3 (Bell, Corus & Rogers) to see who can spend the least amount of money on talent right now.

    Betting this had more to do with budget than it did with ratings.

    All I know is this: If someone were to launch a radio station that featured all the out-of-work talent from across this country, they’d have a helluva solid line-up.

    This business right now…man…

    All the best to Pepper & Dylan, Lamya & Robbie…a well-liked popular team who’ll land on their feet somewhere.

  12. I agree with Ryder (btw, love Hot 107). Pepper & Dylan were a great morning team & are well known and liked in the community. They’re a Edmonton brand name.

    Bell could dump Virgin Edmonton and move the title over to CFCA (KOOL) in Kitchener-Waterloo. It’s past it’s shelf life & it’s ratings have been in decline for 5 years.

    @Jason: There are 3 CHR’s in Edmonton & then you can add in Fresh FM & NOW. So really you’ve got 5 stations a fan of hit music might sample. Those stations might have been able to survive in a booming oil economy, but low oil prices look to be the or more of them will have to go. Question is what format? The Edmonton market is saturated & it puts out some of the best on air product in the country.

  13. Way to go Dump the most talented and hard working group of people oh and it seems to me Bell forgot the good they did to the community at large well I have news for you I know our Pepper Dylan Lamya and Robbi will resurface again bigger and stronger than. In case anybody has forgotten we as listeners follow them and not the radio stations .It all about the people and their listeners!!!

  14. Every morning my husband and I listened to Pepper and Dylan, Lamya and Robbi and were completely entertained. We are so disappointed and can’t believe they were let go. Virgin Radio is so boring now and we are planning on changing radio stations.

  15. I am thoroughly disappointed the Pepper and Dylan Show is no longer! I will def be changing my radio stations, as 104.9 is no longer entertaining.

  16. I don’t listen to Virgin Radio anymore, I loved the morning show, it was so fun! I really enjoyed the talks and the news and the fun they had, and I will miss it. Now I listen to the other stations that have a morning show for entertainment on my long morning commute. After that I listen to my iPod. Too bad!!

  17. The wife asked me this morning, where is Pepper & Dylan? I thought they were on another channel and surfed the web to prove it. Sorry to hear they are no longer on air. Not the same having sex with the wife without those two in the background. They drowned out the noise from the kids downstairs!

  18. I used to listen to Pepper and Dylan from Dallas, Texas. Very disappointed they are no longer. I have tried to listen to the new show but it’s really quite boring. I’m done! Sorry, no longer tuning in…….will find a new morning show.

    Thanks for ruining my mornings 🙁

  19. I actually stopped listening to radio the other day because there wAs nothing else to relate to apart from Pepper and Dylan show.


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