FCC Passes Major New Internet Regulations



February 26, 2015


As expected, the Federal Communications Commission has passed major new regulations on the Internet that will impact just about any and every American who uses the Internet. On a strictly party-line vote, Democratic commissioners Mignon Clyburnand Jessica Rosenworcel sided with FCC Chairman Tom Wheelerto pass the new rules, while Republican appointed commissioners Ajit Pai and Michael O’Reilly strongly opposed the move.

The outspoken Pai pulled no punches, calling it “sad” to witness the Commission replacing Internet freedom with government control, adding that the agency only voted on the new rules due to intrusion in the FCC process by President Obama. O’Reilly was no less blunt, calling the move a “monumental and unlawful power grab.”

Meanwhile, Chairman Wheeler scoffed at the criticism saying, “This plan is no more a plan to regulate the Internet than the First Amendment is a plan to regulate free speech.” Legal challenges are expected to delay implementation of the newly approved regulations anytime soon.

You can view video of the meeting (held earlier today) on CSPAN HERE.



FCC Votes to Approve Net Neutrality Regulation

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