NL Broadcasting presents the All New 97-5 The River


Introducing the ALL NEW 97-5 The River, playing the best Variety of music from the 80’s, 90’s, and WOW!

No radio format has captured more radio listeners than this Variety Adult Hits Format.  Whether it is called, Jack, Bob, Joe or Hank…the Variety Adult Hit Format is guaranteed to give our listeners the very best variety of the greatest music of the last 3 decades, including some of the best music from today! Well over 100 variations of this format in North America alone…tells you we must be on to something!

NL Broadcasting is very excited to create a NEW twist on this format with the WOW approach to our music. We are the only radio station in North America with the WOW brand!

Kamloops Made And Kamloops Proud!

The ALL NEW 97-5 The River was developed following one of the most comprehensive radio research projects in Kamloops’ history. The research was very clear…listeners wanted something NEW and FRESH. They wanted more VARIETY and less repetition of the same songs over and over.  Well, we listened and built a radio station for Kamloops…for our listeners and advertisers!

The bottom line is…the ALL NEW 97-5 The River will be Kamloops’ Adult Hit Radio station, playing the very best Adult Hits with limited repetition. We can do that because our playlist will be almost double what other radio stations normally have.

The River Will Become Your iPod On Steroids!

We are also very excited to introduce Kamloops’ newest morning show…Jeff and Heather in the morning!

Jeff Molnar



Jeff Molnar comes to The River from Abbotsford where he has been the mid-day host.



Heather Adams

Heather Adams is WOWED about the ALL NEW format,  and co-host of the morning show with Jeff.

NL Broadcasting is proud to offer our listeners and advertisers, 3 very large and unique radio formats. Of course Radio NL and Country 103 will always be a very important part of their audiences day-to-day life! Both offer a very unique format that is unduplicated in Kamloops. We believe with the NEW 97-5 The River format, we are the right choice to reach ADULTS in Kamloops and beyond!

As British Columbia’s only independent Broadcaster, NL Broadcasting understands how important local commitment is to the people in Kamloops and the Valley Region. Like many small to medium size businesses in Kamloops, we understand the importance of customer relationships!
Enjoy the ALL-NEW 97-5 The River…80’s, 90’s, and WOW!

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