An Original Aircheck of Norm Edwards


Puget Sound Radio recently heard from Michael Luft, youngest brother of the late Norm Edwards (Luft), wanting to share the news of a Facebook Tribute page he set up up in honour of his late brother. Since Mike got in touch with Stewart Myers GM and Warren Cargill, Senior Producer at Bell Media headquarters of CJAY 92 in Calgary for some assistance, the timing couldn’t have been any better.

Norm Edwards

Stewart who was PD at CJAY 92 at the time Norm was on the air, was also the original producer of The Norm Edwards Show and was able to provide these airchecks from his personal collection which Warren dubbed for the facebook page.

The tribute show was produced ‘live on air’ by Richard Stroobant (now, an instructor with the Radio program @ SAIT).

Not only did Calgary’s Bell Media supply Mike with some other collectors items, but the door opened up from other sources with photos of Norm when he worked at CKGY Country in Red Deer.   Visit and Like the CJAY92 facebook page and listen to some more airchecks of Norm.

Warren tells us Norms  on-air producer at the time was Roger Rhodes (now afternoon drive @ CKRY in Calgary).  Roger did all of the character voices you hear. Norm was an awesome guy – I grew up in Calgary, so Norm was my favourite DJ on CKXL in the 70’s, then I got to work with him when I started at CJAY in the late 80’s

Special Thanks to Stewart Myers and Warren Cargill

And Now, Another aircheck from  Stewart’s personal collection of Norm Edwards

CJAY92 Norm Edwards facebook Tribute page HERE


  1. I also worked with Norm. I was doing mornings at CHFM, and Norm was down the hall at CKXL. I also did several voices for Norm….The drunk guy, the gay guy, and some impressions. Ed Sullivan, Jack Benny, and others. Strangely, I started my career at CKXL in 1961 and went on to CFTK Terrace, CFJC Kamploops, CHEC Lethbridge, and back to CKXL/CHFM in Calgary. I left the business here in San Antonio Texas after working with Metro Networks, and KTSA. However, I still do contract work. Norm and I and Fred Tait were boyhood friends in North Vancouver in the fifties and by co-incidence, ended up in broadcasting. He also was my best man at my wedding in 1975. I was with him when he was dying and I still miss him and his wild personality. He was one of the Best. His wife Cathy is still in Calgary and we do stay in touch.

  2. Hi John, my name is Michael Lift Norm Edward’s younger brother. I created the Facebook Cjay92 page in honor of Norm’s legacy as a radio anouncer. Richard Stroobant was the person who gave me the PSR link, who thought I should send Michael Easton an email regarding Norm’s page. So I wanted to introduce myself by email here. Do you have another email account like gmail or if you have Facebook? We could possibly exchange cells, if that’s OK with you? I can text unlimited anytime, but only call evening’s and weekends long distance Canada wide. Also you talk to Kathy and talk and know my neice Mellissa, Jeff and Charlie their son? I’m telling you so you know I’m genuine about who I am. You probably knew Ruggie one of Norm’s best friends back then, since you said you were good friends back in the 50’s? OK John Hope to talk to you soon, take care.

  3. 6 hrs ·
    I did indeed – thank you Mike
    He certainly had a gift hey ?
    It’s very heartwarming knowing there are people like yourself and Michael Easton who remind all of us to never forget those charismatic personalities, like your brother, who not only helped shape our industry but at the same time positively influence the next generation of communicators.
    I believe announcers like Norm showed up every day and gave all they could in a creative , fun manner because they cared about their listeners , the music artists and about working hard at making a difference on the air and in the community they served.
    As we live in these busy times of short attention spans and disposable tendencies , it’s really refreshing to be able to stop …breathe …look in the rear view mirror and enjoy a happy moment in time.
    Thanks for sharing this and for not letting your brother’s memory fade.
    Hope you have a fun-tastic weekend
    Cheers pard’ner

  4. So many wonderful memories of Norm – including a classic trip to Maui – but most of all the night we “phoned the Pope (true) at the Vatican.” It’s too lengthy to post but…when you bump in to me….

  5. It’s fantastic to hear these clips again! Norm was one of a kind. Marty, not only did Norm call the Pope, but he tried to get through to President Richard Nixon. He just wanted to ask him about baseball… but couldn’t get past the under-under-under secretary. Still, it was great radio. Oh, Sid the Janitor… Theo, who worked for the government.. I loved all those funny bits. Thanks for posting all these!

  6. Just finished listening to the tribute, God Norm and the crew were funny, it was great to wake up in the morning and be laughing with in minutes. Thank you Norm. To the rest of the guys who put the morning show on thank you also, great memories. Thanks Roger.

  7. Thanks, Norm & crew (Hal Gardner) who I enjoyed listening to in the mornings as I got ready for school. He was a radio guy we all felt we were friends with; approachable, caring and kind. Will never forget him and all the joyous laughter he shared with his listeners. Roger Rhodes, Bob Steele, Beez, and Ger Forbes, thanks for continuing his legacy with your talents.


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