Brian Lilley joins Ezra Levant on The Rebel.Media


TheRebel.Media is Now Active and Alive! 

Brian Lilley has now joined Ezra on The Rebel, and continues with his coverage on the ‘illegal’ Gun Raid by RCMP in High River, Alberta during the floods of 2013.

The Rebel.Media website is now active with stories by Ezra and Brian. Once you visit the, you can also sign up HERE



From Ezra Levant’s Facebook page

The Sun has set. So we can curse the darkness, or light a candle. I’m mourning. But I want to build. If you want an independent, conservative media alternative in Canada, let me know. I’ll tell you more soon.

-Ezra Levant


  1. Looking forward to “The Rebel..”. The bias in the mainstream media is getting worse. Did you see the simultaneous broadcasting of Trudeau’s speech yesterday, Feb. 15, on both CTV and CBC. The old man himself, Chretien, was front and center. It is nice to know that our tax dollars (CBC) are giving Mr. Trudeau FREE advertising before the upcoming election!

  2. The gleeful idiots underestimated Ezra’s resolve and tenacity. I’ll bet they’re all horrified to see his new intentions. I’ll bet they’re losing sleep over it. This is a true David and Goliath battle and my money’s on David.

  3. Why do we need more guns in our Canadian communities ? So, that we can kill more people ? Guns kill, either animals or humans. The more guns that you have in your garage, the more likely someone is gonna get killed ?

    Yes, the RCMP did seize weapons illegally, in High River, but it’s interesting that “The Rebel” has hopped on the gun owner’s bandwagon as a way of boosting their own traffic and viewership.

    If right wingers want a real bandwagon to jump on, how about the RCMP’s misuse of force during the Slocan, B.C.’s fugitive that hid in the woods.

    That poor bastard clearly got assasinated by the RCMP. But then, the IIO swooped down like a crow and it allowed the Mounties an excuse to stop talking to the media while the story was still hot.

    It was clearly payback time for the Mounties, who had botched the Moncton murders a few months back, due to their own ineptitudes, as in no heavy duty body armour in cop cars, like city police have, and other serious miscues.

  4. Hi Ezra and Brian you have my full support, I start working on the railroad in a few days let me know about funding when you come up with a monthly number, should be able to afford it now that I am not working at Walmart anymore. Good luck my family is with you folks!

  5. I believe canadians really need to hear a conservative view of news and could not believe Sun News was dropped, Sure hope that it is possible to restore this programming in whatever form possible, Please place me on your email list.

  6. I only discovered you a year ago and I was really upset you are not on TV anymore. Really enjoy the program. I did not know anything before I started watching you. We are so in the dark! Let the real light shine! Thank you for not giving up!

  7. Thanks Ezra for all you’ve done. It’s a sad day for Canada when they shut down the only news station that speaks the truth. Too bad it wasn’t CBC. Say hello to Brian Lilley for me.

    Thanks, Ernie Nicholls

  8. Our family was very disappointed when Sun News shut down. We are sick and tired of the media party and court party running our lives. The CBC and the like can dictate to the flat earth people and to those who have their tin foil hats on too tight!!!!Only I wish my tax dollar did not have to pay for it. I do not trust their news All will be well if we hug those disadvantaged ISIS and give them a job and all will be well!!!!OH DEAR LORD>>>>HELP US.

  9. I see a lot of endorsements from intelligent and prominent folks of the former Sun News and I see derision from the appethetic and ignorant group. I hope the willing will become aware of the new horizon. I don’t need the media to determine if it’s none of my business. Just tell me what you know and I’ll determine whether it is or not

  10. Thank you Ezra for coming back. It was a sad day for Canada when Sun News went off the air. Wish it had been CBC. Now with you back we will the hear the true news what is happening in Canada and the World..

    Thank you and Good Luck.
    Gilbert Wilcox.

  11. So glad to see part of sun news has morphed into this new animal to present balance and truth on things that matter to Canadians, freedom of speech being one. Some things are simply evil and bad for Canada and the wold and humanity as a whole.Keep on exposing those things for the evil they are based on Canada’s founding principles. I so much appreciated Sun News frontline and crew.

  12. Ezra & Brian…………..I was devastated when Sun went off the air. I find it very hard to even watch any of the news now that you guys went off the air. I commend you guys for not giving up and for moving forward with something I believe will be even better. I have a very old computor and may not be able to get everything you have but please don’t let the e-mails stop. I appreciate you guys and pray for you to reach even more people with the truth than you did on TV……………….Thank you……………..Betty Hastings from Elkford, B.C.

  13. Thank you Ezra for ‘The Rebel’ initiative. I too will miss the Sun. It brought a ray of lite in our world of (liberal) darkness. It seems the world loves the darkness more than the light. Yet the great feedback of comments encourages my heart and I wish you all the best in this new endeavor.

  14. Thanks Ezra, I have missed the Sun News on TV so much that I felt like somebody died!

    I tried to watch the other news channels just to get the latest news and couldn’t take the usual drivel and had to turn it off!

    Can’t wait to hear more from you.

    Gwen Boduch

  15. Ezra and Brian, I am so proud to know that I have found you again. I love the name ” The Rebel” ! I know your reporting will be truthful and fair. Wishing you and the rest of the crew, the very best. Very said about the “Sun” demise. Remember that from the ashes rises a Phoenix ! Great luck !

  16. Thank you to ezra brian & ALL the sun crew I miss every one of you.I’m now watching news via the computer.Is the box number in b.c. a correct one for sending financial support??? Each time the going gets rough remember Winston Churchill NEVER give up. as our Canada is worth it. The Harper Gov’t needs an outlet for the truth & they sure won’t get it on the two net works as far as I can see.

  17. i was out of country and on the plane ride back I said to my partner “looking forward to get back and tune into Sun TV , for the REALnews”, We missed you guys .
    Well we were SHOCKED,I couldn’t find you on cable ,channel 705 was missing, after a few WTF’s, WE FOUND YOU AGAIN the next day
    Thanks for not giving up, true entrepreneurial KICK-Ass JOURNALISTS

  18. thank God Ezra, Bryan, Michael and their other associates who are joining them will continue to bring some sanity to news reporting. Between CBC and Trudeau I am embarrassed for Canadians.
    Good luck. You have my support.

  19. First off good on you building a new brand.Main stream media is just that, for people that need to be spoon fed the news, the fact they are rejoicing tells us what they believe about any opinion not of their own.I believe in democracy,not just chanting the words.Someone recently stated this could be the most interesting decade ever.ISIS will make it so.Main stream Canada has a rude awakening coming ,these people are deadly serious.ON another note we don’t need more laws ,use the ones we have to stop the violence.

  20. . Getting my news from the mainstream media again has been like being sentenced to living on regurgitated oatmeal for the rest of my life!! Those other guys shouldn’t even be allowed to call themselves journalists, simply parrots—save us from mediocrity, The!

  21. We felt like someone died when Sun a News was no more, we need people like Ezra and Brian Lilley and others that present the truth and are not afraid to say it how it is . Thank you so much for what you do to keep free speech alive!

  22. I heard an older man ranting on the john gormly show today talk about how he could not watch the network news anymore because there no longer anyone to keep them honest I feel the same way. Keep up the good work

  23. Although I often disagree with far right wing opinion, we absolutely need someone to clearly say what it is. Sun media has done that well and I congratulate them for that. Let us hope that the Rebelmedia carries on in that spirit.

  24. I am so happy to hear the good news—-honest news—- missed it so much.
    I had quit turning tv on altogether. Keep up the good work now and push
    ahead quickly,we need to hear you all again, God bless, Grace

  25. When I realized that Sun News was off the air, I felt very depressed. My son-in-law complained that he had just started watching Sun and was disappointed when he heard it was off TV permanently. Then I discovered and the depression faded. I am very grateful for the tenacity of Ezra and Brian for starting anew and am anticipating the return of several of the other journalists when their new studios are set up. How is the funding, going? I was too slow to contribute the first time. (it happened so fast thanks to their fans!) Amazing how quickly their audience responded. Good luck to all the team!

  26. Ezra it is a good thing that someone like you is willing to continue the excellent coverage that Sun News has done for the last several years. I must say that my day has not been complete without the nightly program. I have not watched any other news program since I started switching to Sun News at 517 on Shaw. I have even tried to watch ones I previously tuned into but have been unable to handle the double talk. I am anxious to see your new coverage via the internet – next best thing to TV.

  27. I wish all the best for everyone involved in The Rebel Media dot com my ass. Don’t take that wrong, I’m just typing to test if I’m getting through. OBAMA IS PRO ISLAMIC and ANTI AMERICAN and CANADIAN INTERESTS. LET’S Please do everything we can to vote out this bad choice even if we are Canadian and don’t have the vote down there. Let’s get Obama’s foreign policy ideas eradicated just by helping people down there get to the polls to vote.

  28. Ezra and Brian and everyone else involved, I thank you for doing this, I really want to write a letter to a newspaper once in a while. Right now you guys are it so until you ban me, see ya later, Paul

  29. Thanks Rebel Media, we need you to keep the corrupt & political correct Liberals in line
    Left or Right you call it as it is. Your Canadas only hope of saving this great country from
    people from other countries that only want to ruin it & make it a nation of war & corruption

  30. Dear Ezra
    Please keep up the good fight for freedom.
    I think Canadians should be shouting out at our Conservative government for some of our tax dollars to finance The Rebel for free speech.
    God Bless

  31. I miss you guys so much Ezra,Brian,Michael and the rest TV has not been the same and in fact the News Paper is so Boring I Might cancel after many many years Wish you all well in your new Rebel Media Keep me posted Thanks again for so many great news stories

  32. good to see you back, we need someone with journalism integrity, before SUN news all we had was a bunch of left wing controlled and self censored media the kind unfortunately has a habit to sing to the tone of their masters with a strong neo communist odor. i am glad to see that your fight for the truth is still with us /

  33. Glad to see you back and glad you are detached from Quebecor and its now PQ leader, P K Peladeau.
    I feel that what’s left of the unneutered remnants of struggling English community in Quebec may finally have a voice. Our local media is 100% flunky nauseating, liberal. Disgusting !
    But Please, no more piss ant anonymous comments !
    Best of luck.

  34. Glad to hear some common sense in the country again. It is any wonder our young people are turning to radical Islam for direction when we have a bunch of idiots giving no proper direction to our young. The Christian religions and others better wake up soon before we become overwhelmed by the muslim hoards.

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