Seattle Radio PPM’s: Exclusive Analysis and Demo Leaders


courtesy    Jan. 22 2015

SEATTLE-TACOMA: Analysis & Demo Leaders from Research Director Inc.

This market had two stations that went with the seasonal motif. HUBBARD AC KRWM (WARM) was the clear leader P6+ (6.2-10.7) though, unlike many others of its ilk, it could not match last year’s total of a 13.8. HUBBARD Top 40/M KQMV (MOVIN) was slightly affected by the season. It remained at #2 but was off slightly (6.0-5.6). ENTERCOM Active Rock KISW moved up to #3 with a slight uptick (4.9-5.0). It was followed by the “other” CHRISTMAS station – CRISTA Christian Contemporary KCMS (SPIRIT). Though it moved up two spots to #4, it was actually flat (4.6-4.6) and off last year’s 5.7. BONNEVILLE Talk KIRO-F had its lowest share since AUGUST (5.0-4.5) and slipped a couple of places to #5. ENTERCOM Country KKWF (THE WOLF) was casting a hungry eye toward those reindeer. The station hunted down its lowest share since APRIL (4.7-4.4) to drop to #6.

Last month it did not appear that Santa was much of a helper for KRWM 25-54. The station barely moved from NOVEMBER. That all changed this time as it jumped from #8 to #1. However, this year’s total was almost four shares less than last. KISW was still #2 with a slight increase while KQMV dropped two spots to #3 with its lowest share since JULY. KKWF had a slight increase while staying at #4. KCMS actually lost some share as it fell two spots to #5. KIRO-F could have used a little SEAHAWKS magic. The station had its lowest score since JULY and fell three places to a tie at #7.

Frosty worked his magic for KRWM 18-34 as the station hopped from #6 to #1. However, this year’s share was almost six shares below what the station produced in 2013. KISW just missed beating Santa after posting its best book since MAY while KQMV dropped to #3 with its lowest share since MARCH. This also ended MOVIN’s eight-book run at #1. KKWF actually ended a five-book slide and remained on hold at #4. ENTERCOM Alternative KNDD (THE END) had a very slight share loss but that was enough to drop the station two spots to #5. CBS Adult Hits KJAQ (JACK) ended a pretty strong four-book surge as it fell back to #6.

There was a new #1 18-49 station but it was not who you would have expected. KISW moved up to the top, the first time it’s been #1 since APRIL. KRWM did have a solid boost as it jumped from a tie at #6 to a tie at #2, though this year’s total was nearly five shares lighter than last. KQMV was also at #2. This ended its eight-book run at #1. KKWF was up slightly to remain at #4 while KCMS fell two spots to #5 as its four-book upward run ceased to be. KJAQ dropped to #6 thanks to its smallest share since JULY.


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