Millennials Don’t Trust Media, Or Anything Else


January 23rd, 2015

As broadcasters continually seek to find new ways to build a bridge between traditional broadcast radio and the apparent mistrust of all things traditional by Millennials, a recent feature by Entrepreneur staff writer Kate Taylor reinforces that gaining the trust of ‘Gen Y’ is not something that’s going to be easy.

“The rejection of traditional media as inauthentic comes part-and-parcel with the trend of Millennials discarding other norms accepted by previous generations,” writes Taylor.

“Gen Y is apparently suspicious of tradition, they are over conventional advertising, home ownership and the promise of Social Security. They’re used to not trusting CEO’s, politicians and just corporations in general.”

So, if they don’t trust traditional media, what sources for news do Millennials trust most.

Find out by reading the full feature HERE.



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