Dan Rather: Entertainment Has Overwhelmed News Values




In an interview airing on Genesis Communication’ Sunshine State trimulcast, News/Talk Florida, former CBS Evening News anchor and veteran White House correspondentDan Rather offered his take on the state of news in today’s new media environment.

Dan Rather

Asked by the stations’ Florida Live host Dan Maduriif he thinks the news media will ever reverse today’s trend toward sensational and lifestyle entertainment news, Rather replied, “Well, for the foreseeable future I think the ‘let’s keep up with theKardashians,’ or some version of that, is likely to continue to prevail. But I’m optimistic that somehow, some way, the pendulum may swing just a little bit back to what I call ‘quality news of integrity.’

But the biggest thing that’s happened to journalism in the last 10 to 15 years is that entertainment values have completely overwhelmed news values, and with few exceptions most news programs — or what are called news programs — are in fact entertainment programs masquerading as news, I’m sorry to say.” Hear more of what Rather had to say about today’s news business and how the world has become a far more dangerous place for journalists to do their jobs HERE.



  1. ET Canada has been complaining that a lot of their celebrity and UToob content is being shown during the supper hour news which precedes it.


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