Ramsey Takes Radio’s Digital Dollars Pulse

Mark Ramsey

January 21st, 2015

In what he is calling a “Pulse” study, veteran media researcher Mark Ramsey reports that radio managers in the nation’s Top 50 markets are anticipating a “dramatic rise” in digital revenue  in the next five years.

Ramsey’s study was conducted by telephone in November/December, 2014 among more than 100 Top-50 market radio General Managers, Sales Managers, Digital Executives, and Program Directors.

“Today, 60% of these managers acknowledge that 5% or less of their overall revenue comes from digital,” says Ramsey (pictured). “And 37% say it’s less than 3%.”

But those same managers expect to see a big change in those percentages in the years ahead, with 31% reporting that “more than 15%” of their revenue will come from digital sources five years from today.

But, while those stats are encouraging, they also sparked Ramsey to ask, “Since digital revenue means all digital sources — streaming, display, integrated, etc. — do broadcasters have plans in place to navigate this massive transition?” Read more HERE.



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