Europe’s Muslims/Left Will Pay HIGHEST Price for Attacks



by Harvey Oberfeld
Keeping It Real…
January the 9th, 2015

As usual in every war, innocent uninvolved civilians will pay dearly.

And make no mistake about it, France, Europe and indeed the world ARE at WAR with Islamic extremists … not just in conflict with “a few” isolated militants or unbalanced murderers … but an army of well-organized, well-financed, dedicated Muslim extremists, who will openly KILL anyone who disagrees with them or refuses to submit.

It is NOT about understanding or dialogue or compromise with these barbarians: they want NOTHING to do with civilized society, where people can disagree, where other than their own very narrow Islamic interpretations can be tolerated, where women have almost ANY rights, or where infidels can be allowed to live, if they will not submit.

And this week’s attacks …that’s plural … in France are not the first Europe has endured.

Muslim extremists have attacked and killed civilians in Spain, in Belgium, in Denmark, in Sweden, in Germany etc. etc. …many incidents over many years.

This is full-fledged WAR … not just a conflict …. with the army of Extreme Islamists … although too many people, including many our “leaders” … have refused to acknowledge that fully and responded in kind.

As I write this, there have now been THREE Islamic terror attacks in France this week: against the staff at Charlie Hebdo; against police and a street cleaner; and against a Kosher grocery store in a Paris suburb. And EVERY ONE OF THEM was a DELIBERATE ATTACK against people who had no idea they were even involved in active combat!

And unfortunately, it will be Europe’s INNOCENT Muslims and political LEFT in France and across Europe who will pay a heavy price for these violent attacks on Western values, Western beliefs, Western civilization and Western freedoms.

Even before these incidents, Marie Le Pen of France’s extreme right had been leading the recent polls in France as voters tired of the huge numbers of Muslims and in particular Arab who have not only flocked to that country …. FIVE MILLION now and growing rapidly, with more and more arriving all the time as refugees and economic migrants and with a birth rates four times or more above the rest of the population …and also more and more vocal in their demands for Islamic accommodations, more and more violent in their actions against Jewish citizens and institutions, and more and more a social burden due to high unemployment (sometimes as victims of discrimination themselves).

And too many Muslim leaders and citizens themselves are seen as paying only lip service in their condemnations of Islamic extremism: they condemn violent acts, but how often do you see them condemn the demands of the extremists?

The majority French population have noticed all this; the majority French population have noticed you now often hear/see more Arabic on the Champs Elysee than French; the majority French population have noticed the downright racism and anti-Christian LAWS that pervade MANY Islamic countries; the majority French population are plainly fed up; and, the majority French population believe their current leaders are too soft on “trouble-making” Muslims … despite laws passed last year banning face-coverings etc.

So they are moving right … far right. And so have voters in several other European countries…. including Greece, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Holland and even the U.K. … not in HUGE numbers yet…but these latest attacks/killings WILL no doubt push more Europeans to the right.

Which does NOT bode well for France’s or Europe’s Muslim populations … even the majority, who just want to be left alone to pursue/enjoy their very normal lives.

(Next: the United Nations’ role in Europe’s increasing turmoil.)

Harv Oberfeld


  1. Great article. But there is more to this unfolding story than just religion. It’s the WHO IS BEHIND THIS that must be added to your line of…”army of well-organized, well-financed, dedicated Muslim extremists” Once we find out the WHO then we’ll have a better understanding.

  2. One of the best solutions to all this trouble would be to outlaw Islam altogether. It’s not even a “religion” to begin with, but a cult-like political ideology masquerading as a “religion” founded by a thief, mass murderer, war-monger and pedophile by the name of Mohammed who falsely claimed himself as a “prophet”, plagiarized and twisted Jewish and Christian teachings and then superseded them with his own violent teachings that glorify and encourage lying, deceit and death against “een-fee-delllls” (i.e. all non-Islamics) who criticize or refuse to adhere or submit to Islam, even going so far as to encourage the use of our own laws against us while considering themselves “untouchable” by our very same laws.

  3. This article is completely WRONG, as it uses fear-mongering and racism as a means to create more unfair demonization of the Islamic people.

    What Harvey doesn’t mention is that France is already notorious as a nation shamelessly xenophobic and afraid of foreigners !

    So, his guess that people will gravitate to the right of the political scale is just b.s. !

    Have you ever been to Paris ? What a racist hotbed that place is!

    I had a personal friend who happens to be from Asia who visited Paris on a business visit, a few years ago.

    My friend works for a major Asian insurance company and his business involves negotiating millions of dollars in loans from European banks for his multinational insurance company.

    He told me that he was never treated so cold rudely by Parisians, as during his visit to France.

    My friend refuses to go back to Paris, after experiencing such abject racism that he felt like one of the blacks during the 1940’s being asked to move to the back of the city bus.

    Shame on Oberfeld for purveying racism in his musings !

  4. R.J., do you realize how foolish your claims of “racism” sound right now (true to form for the Left)? Islam is not even a “race”, it’s an ideology. The attacks being staged by the Islamics on anyone who criticizes their ideology are the exact reason fewer and fewer people trust them, and such actions show just how weak their ideology is if they have to resort to violence and rioting as their reaction to any legitimate criticism of it. Their attacks on all non-Islamics around the world are also a major reason why Islam (which is akin to Nazism and Communism as an ideology) should be outlawed entirely.

    Incidentally, those who make accusations of “RACISM!!!” and try to read “racism” where there is none (always on the Left) are most often racist themselves (like the Democrats who forced blacks to the back of the bus and instituted the “Jim Crow” laws in the American South during the 1940s).

  5. VancouverTVguy:

    I’m hardly an NDPer or left-wing type of guy !

    Let’s tolerate ALL religions in our community. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, etc.

    Let’s all get along !

    I am a broad-minded, myself. I have friends who are Jewish, Muslim friends, Catholic friends, and also, athiests.

    Only a very small percentage of Islamic people resort to terrorism and violence. Most Islamic Canadians I have met are nice, peaceful people.

    They hold good jobs, keep out of trouble and pay their taxes

    As far as terrorism goes, nobody in the French Muslim community wants that?

    Just because they don’t publicly speak out against it, it doesn’t mean that they are supporters of terrorists ?

    Most Muslims avoid appearances on “white controlled media” since they know that reporters like Harvey Oberfeld will fuck them over.

  6. Anonymous – Islam is tolerant of nobody, sometimes not even some of their own. They’ve made that crystal-clear countless times over the centuries, even leading up to now. If anyone who adheres to Islam refuses to be tolerant of us, why should we be “tolerant” (which is PC-speak for putting up with the ruckus they cause) of them?

    By not speaking out against the acts of terrorism committed by their fellow Islamics, the so-called “moderate” Islamics’ silence translates into tacit approval of their actions, regardless of what some otherwise claim. They may, in fact, privately approve of their tactics, even if they don’t say so publicly (which falls in line with the Islamic practice of “taqqiya”, lying (including deceit, denial and manipulation) for the sake of their ideology).

    Your comment about “white controlled media” also falls right into what I said earlier about those who read “racism” where there is none (especially since this has nothing to do with race). The avoidance of media appearances by most Islamics is also because they know their ideology, and the tactics they use, will be exposed for what they truly are.


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