Rick Lee Exits Sonic Edmonton for Vancouver


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From the Sonic Edmonton facebook page.


“It was announced during his 2014 Year in Review, but if you missed it….Rick Lee is moving on.

I’ll post it, because i’m not sure he would….but Rick is leaving Sonic to further his career in Vancouver. His final day will be this Friday. So you have 5 days to say goodbye to a guy who’s been here since the beginning.

Rick will be greatly missed by not only his Sonic family, but everyone in Edmonton. Make sure you send him off in style, shoot a text or give him a call.

Before you ask, No…we dont know who will replace him…yet. We’re working on it. Whoever it is will have big shoes to fill.”

So where will Rick end up? Speculation says Jack FM drive to take over from Meredith Geddes who’s moving to CFOX next week his old boss from Sonic Al Ford is now at Jack as PD.


  1. So, so, so happy for Rick to get to make that move! He’s an absolute gem of a guy! He’s helped along many an intern in his time there, not to mention the Rick Lee Scholarship he gives to NAIT kids! This couldn’t happen to a better guy.

  2. I hope if he is going to Jack that they are modifying the lineup and maybe bringing in some specialty shows. Like a countdown or a week in review or something. Weekends are really boring and with no evening show it kind of sucks. Should be on air staff from 6am to 11pm Monday to Friday and 8-7 or 8 on weekends

  3. This will be Rick’s second tour of duty in Vancouver. Back in 2001-02, he came from KISS92 Regina to be the all-night host (remember those?! ;)) at Z95.3 as Rick Bailey. Z already had an Amber Lee, hence the name change for Rick. After being let go in Spring 2002, he resurfaced at Victoria’s CHR powerhouse HOT103 as Ricky Lee (later dropping the “y”). I think it was on to The Zone from there, and then Edmonton. Congrats to Rick, I could tell back in 2001 that he had great personality!

  4. Wherever Rick is going, they’re lucky to have him. One of the hardest-working and nicest guys I know. Welcome back to BC, my friend!

  5. Like I said if jack is going to change the sound a bit he will be great there. He is a hell of a talent and would do well if the station is programmed better now


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