Hudson Mack leaves CTV Vancouver Island story places 2nd

Hudson Mack

After posting PSR’s top 100 posts, it was brought to our attention we omitted one of the top stories of the year and that was the parting  of the ways of Hudson Mack and CTV Vancouver Island. The reason being, the Top 100 were taken since we re-launched with Word Press back in April of 2014, and the Mack story happened back in February.

Now that we’ve been able to look back at our old eblah forum, Hudson’s story came in with 15,068 hits, placing 2nd in our top 100 posts for 2014.


  1. I for one have never understood the numbers when it came to the battle between CHEK and CTV Vancouver Island. The latter by far being the best coverage of the island, the best reporters, the video quality being top notch and for sure, the best Victoria news anchor, that being Hudson Mack. Even with Hudson gone, I still by far prefer watching CTV Vancouver Island.


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