Casey Kasem Reportedly At Rest In Norway

      • ccourtesy     December 23, 2014 at 3:43 AM (PT)
      • CaseyKasemUSETHISONE.jpgCasey Kasem

        In a conclusion to one of the more bizarre news stories of the past year, renowned radio personality CASEY KASEM has finally been laid to rest.

        According to TMZ.COM, KASEM’s body was buried last TUESDAY at the VESTRE GRAVLUND, one of the largest cemeteries in NORWAY,  TMZ couldn’t say for sure whether wife JEAN was present, but his children definitely were not. In fact, they didn’t even kinow he was being buried until the day before.

        The LAPD has been investigating an elderly abuse charge leveled against wife JEAN, who has been making it impossible for an autoposy to determine whether there was any truth to the claims by hauling her late husband’s body around from CANADA to NORWAY and refusing to either embalm or bury it. She had been accused of causing her husband to contract a fatal infection during a wild car ride across several states.

        KASEM died in JUNE at the age of 82.

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