Online listening gives radio a new lease on life in Canada



By Steve Kowch

December the 20th


From where I sit On The Kowch, God bless the internet. It has given radio in Canada a new lease on life.  That old radio box on granny’s kitchen counter is not the only way to listen to radio anymore. In the past month, 30 per cent of Canadians used non traditional platforms to tune in to their favourite radio station online. Just ask Mike Mohammed, a manager on the Bell Media Research team, and Alicia Olson-Keating, a senior director of the team. On December 19th, they explained on YouTube how 5.4 million or 29 per cent of Canadians 18-54 listen to radio while they are using the internet. A power point presentation drove home the importance of online radio listening. Hell, even I got the Bell Media App to listen to radio on my iPhone in the past month.

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