C-FOX Jeff O’Neil Show Simulcast on NW Backfires: Apology Issued, Show Suspended


by Stephen Hui, Georgia Straight      Dec 16, 2014 at 1:40 pm

This morning, the Jeff O’Neil Show told TV anchor Chris Gailus he should ask Justin Trudeau whether he’d “F, kill, or marry” Laureen Harper.

Listeners of CFOX and CKNW were treated to those Vancouver-based, Corus-owned radio stations’ first-ever simulcast today (December 16), illustrating the dangers of media concentration in Canada.

On the Jeff O’Neil Show, Global TV “personalities” Chris Gailus and Squire Barnes were asked a series of offbeat questions while apparently drinking beers.

Gailus was preparing to interview Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. A radio host suggested that the TV anchor ask Trudeau whether he’d “F[uck], kill, or marry” Health Minister Rona Ambrose; Laureen Harper, the prime minister’s wife; and former governor general Michaëlle Jean.

The segment has since been criticized by community advocates for its sexism. Apologies are being demanded.

The hour in question has been removed from the CKNW Audio Vault, meaning we can’t link you to the offending segment.

But, of course, the Neanderthal who asked Premier Christy Clark what it’s like to be a “MILF”—and was later hired by CKNW—doesn’t see anything wrong with what transpired on the Jeff O’Neil Show.

Drex tweeted:  “Just because you don’t find something funny or appropriate that a comedian said, it doesn’t mean you get to demand an apology.”

Gailus and Barnes in their usual workplace

Update #1: Fortunately, the assistant news director at CKNW disagrees with her coworker, Drex.  Charmaine Da Silva tweeted: “Disagree. This isn’t about hurt feelings. Killing women is never funny, esp in the worst year for domestic violence in .”

Update #2: CKNW’s brand director, Ian Koenigsfest, has apologized on air to listeners of that particular station for the “offensive to women” segment that “crossed the line”.

CKNW host Simi Sara told her listeners that she also found it offensive and unfunny.

So, what about CFOX?

Global BC tweeted: “This a.m. both .@chrisgailus & .@sbarnesglobal were blindsided during a radio show. We disapprove of the content and tone of the discussion.”

Chris Gailus tweeted: “I was caught completely off guard by an offensive and disrespectful segment on morning radio today. It was not funny and it was .”

Squire Barnes tweeted: “@chrisgailus and I were part of radio segment today that included questions & comments we didn’t expect and ABSOLUTELY don’t agree with.”

For CKNW, Ian Koenigsfest, brand manager issued this statement:

“This morning on CKNW there was some very inappropriate comments and suggestions made that were offensive to many of our listeners. I would like to apologize for that and assure that those comments will not be repeated on this radio station. I would also like to apologize to Chris Gailus and Squire Barnes, who are hosting the CKNW Morning Show this week, for being put in an awkward situation from which they were unaware, and assure them that such a situation will not occur again.” 


Trent  Dec 16, 2014 at 2:06 pm

Drex is an idiot. This is a city where a man was able to kill at least 26 women over a span of years. Maybe you and the idiots you work with need to realize who your audience is.

Armchair Critic Dec 16, 2014 at 2:07 pm                                                                                                                                                        I’ve listened to CFOX for over 30 years & used to listen to Jeff O’Neill show faithfully, but I finally had enough of the ongoing childishness, misogyny and just plain nonsense.Morning shows used to be able to entertain audiences without resorting to constant gutter humour, talking about “manscaping” etc. I’ve heard Karen K sound pretty uncomfortable too, as well as guests. I don’t care whether people pee in the shower, or how often they masturbate. It is time for Corus to rethink this show and its direction. It is pretty clear CFOX is on a downward slide generally & losing a lot of listeners.If O’Neill & his minions and Corus think joking about murdering women is okay and defensible, this show has outlived its shelf life. Over 20 women have been murdered in BC this year & BC leads in female spousal homicides in Canada. It is this kind of hate & misogyny that is helping drive a culture of tolerance of domestic violence and murder of women. O’Neill & his minions all have kids and spouses, how would they like people asking the same type of questions they ask about their own children, or spouses?If I were Corus I would be embarrassed and angry to have a show like O’Neill’s representing the Corus brand and corporate identity. Your brand is dying because of these kind of knuckledragging half-wits.

Dec 16, 2014 at 2:25 pm
I have also contacted Ian Koenigsfest at CKNW to add my voice to the others who were completely disgusted by the vile comments made today. Drex has no business being on Canadian airwaves. They can consider me a FORMER listener. Good work in pleasing your audience.


Dec 16, 2014 at 2:47 pm
Apparently that Drex character fails to know that comedians are supposed to be funny. Stupid guy.


not funny
Dec 16, 2014 at 3:03 pm
there was nothing funny about that on-air conversation, and for Drex to defend it is pathetic. Sorry but Jeff O Neill is not even close to being a “comedian”, he only appeals to lug-head listeners who still think Metallica rocks… :-/
Just like their taste in music, their ideals are decades behind.What happened to classy radio stations? – O’Neil and Drex are just obnoxious shockjocks.
Dec 16, 2014 at 4:23 pm
Although I believe the immature joke was in poor taste, Stephen Hui should stick to just reporting and not calling people names. Neanderthal? I actually like Drex’s take on a lot of things. I applaud him for at least saying what he thinks. Just like you Stephen and the excellent women at CKNW and the people posting on here. He might not always be right, but to call him essentially stupid is poor taste on your part Stephen. I learned something with my writing is to avoid the name calling because it takes away and discredits the point you were trying to make.


Oh please
Dec 16, 2014 at 4:27 pm
Another issue for some of us to wring our hands over. God I hate social media at times like this. It gives far too much of a voice to those that are perpetually looking for things to offend them so they can proclaim their outrage to the world…


Dec 16, 2014 at 4:52 pm
exactly – what happened to classy radio stations ? There are not any anymore. Maybe CBC. Just had discussions on that the other night and now this. I don’t even listen. Just came across this thru Twitter.


Dec 16, 2014 at 4:53 pm
drama queens all of you you to trevor . black comedy boys and girls , family guy , American day great shows you people need to stop complaining and frowning and get a sense of humor . learn to laugh at life or live a horrible lonely reality bring misery to everybody you touch. all iam trying to say is lighten up people.enjoy life theres humor in everything


Dec 16, 2014 at 5:12 pm
I expect low-brow humour from an FM DJ, but for a supposedly-respectable news anchor like Global’s Chris Gailus to laugh along at a joke about hurting women is absolutely shocking. Doesn’t he see the connection to the stories about sexual violence on his own newscast? Global should fire Gailus immediately and we should all boycott Global News. Anyone who respects women would not have chuckled at this.


Dec 16, 2014 at 5:19 pm
Guy, you are an idiot. I don’t see ANY humour in comments that support violence against women. I bet your mother is so proud of you.


Dec 16, 2014 at 5:21 pm
Many people who work in media have huge egos and make incredibly stupid remarks. Make no mistake – as long as there are more men than women in power positions, we will have to tolerate immature men making stupid comments and doing harmful things. Any statements made to repremand men who engage in childish banter will fall on deaf ears. Those men are too arrogant to hear.


Dec 16, 2014 at 5:44 pm
Sounds like a radio show I am going to start listening to.


Freedom of Expression
Dec 16, 2014 at 5:48 pm
I think that it is time we developed some sort of psychiatric nomenclature for people who do not have a sense of humour—and part of having a sense of humour is realizing that no two are alike, that is what makes jokes great. If you don’t find a joke funny, fine, but demanding a comic apologize for not making you laugh is fucking pathetic.Our society is rapidly degenerating—I don’t think it’s a great joke myself, but it’s the sort of thing that we put up with in a free and democratic society. Keep in mind that this is a society that still puts people in jail for drugs…as beings of finite attention/awareness, maybe it’s time to acknowledge that we’ve spent a lot of resources on women as such, time to spread some attention/awareness around.


Dec 16, 2014 at 5:48 pm
Chris Gailus has just tweeted that the F – Kill or Marry question caught him completely off guard. Really? Mr. Gailus, Sophie Lui, Robin Stickley and other Global anchors have done the O’Neil show before and were asked the exact same question. Check the tapes. Gailus has done the O’Neil show before and this was NOT a suprise. What was suprising is that Gailus laughed.


  1. The Province has just posted a story under the header “F—, Kill or Marry.” And here are some excerpts which expand on what we have above,

    CFOX’s Jeff O’Neil prefaced his question by saying: ‘I don’t know if listeners from CKNW are familiar with this sort of thing. But it’s all in good nature, all in good fun.’

    “For those people who don’t understand the F, Kill or Marry premise, we will leave that to your imagination,” said O’Neil, before suggesting Gailus ask Trudeau who he would ‘F, Kill or Marry’ and naming three prominent Canadian women: Health Minister Rona Ambrose; Laureen Harper, the prime minister’s wife; and Michaelle Jean, the former Governor General.

    “So disrespectful,” Gailus said, as the question was proposed. The Trudeau interview aired without incident on CKNW later that day.

    But reaction to O’Neil’s irreverent joke was swift on social media, with several Twitter users, including local media figures and politicians, criticizing the segment and demanding an apology. Within hours, the incident was being discussed on the Simi Sara Show on CKNW.

    Sara said the morning’s simulcast was already “getting a lot of attention for how offensive it was. And, I believe, rightfully so.”

    Sara’s show featured CKNW brand director Ian Koenigsfest, who said he missed the broadcast when it aired, but had since “reviewed the tape and, on reflection, I personally don’t find that funny. I think it’s offensive to women and, at the first opportunity I have now, I want to apologize to the women and men who listened to CKNW who heard that this morning. It’s certainly not in the spirit of this radio station and I offer an unreserved apology for that.”

    At that point, Sara added: “We just want to make it clear that as a radio station here at CKNW, we don’t condone that in any way, shape or form.”

    Audio of the O’Neil – Gailus exchange was available online earlier on Tuesday, but was taken down later in the day.

    Hours after CKNW’s on-air apology, CFOX had not issued an apology or comment on its website or by Twitter.

  2. The problem here is, of course, the CKNW Brand Manager has mismanaged the brand. The bit works fine in context, but that’s a hell of a leap to go from Philip Till to John McComb to Jeff O’Neil in a few months.

  3. Ive been listening to NW for a very long time. The direction that IK has taken the station has been difficult to listen to. I have almost worn out the mute button on my radio thanks to Eckford and Garres and some of the most inane banter between production crew and hosts you can imagine.
    This debacle (simulcast) was so pathetic it hurt to listen to. Were drinking beer in the morning. Shame on you Mr Gallius. No better Mr Barnes. To all of the people that once were informed and entertained by NW98 you owe each and everyone of them an appollogy.
    To think that the management at Corus allows this crap on the air is hard to believe.

    Maybe its too late to revive the dead dog.

  4. I find the NW employees and management outrage rather questionable. You mean to tell me nobody at NW knew what kind of show Jeff O Neil puts on? Whether you like him or not that’s what he does, and apparently his audience must like it because he’s done that bit before without incident. If the radio station doesn’t condone such comments, as was said on Simi’s show, then why was he working there, and why wasn’t there outrage about his presence and comments before now? NW wants edgy and younger, that’s why they hired Drex. Well, you got it! If you want edgy then you better expect that this could happen, and not be shocked when it does.

  5. @Gallery, Thats the rub everyone at NW knew what they were doing. Sadly many people (including myself) have never heard of Jeff Oneil. If thats his regular schtick Im glad I dont listen to rock 101. So it will be interesting to see whom at NW set up this simulcast. AJ? Garres? IK? It was somebodies bright idea. Common fess up genius.

  6. All of this just proves what so many have been saying on this board for several months now. “NW is heading downhill so fast, it’s sickening. To start with they put this Drex guy (who pulled the same sort of stunt when he was on the air on the island) on their evening time slot, and now this?? What on earth is wrong with these people? Have the no sense of common decency? You have to feel bad for Chris Gaillus and Squire – they were both completely blindsided. If “NW and their “brand director” had any guts, both O’Neil and Drex would be on the unemployment line ASAP. But I guess that’s too much to expect from the band of misfits running the place now. It’s disgusting what has happened to this once proud station. Even the “apology” that was posted by “NW on their website earlier had spelling and grammatical errors in it. But when most of the news readers can’t even pronounce names of people and places accurately, we shouldn’t expect much else.

  7. It amuses me how many people write such hateful disgusting and horrendous comments towards people regarding saying something which they refer to as “distasteful ” themselves. Calling Drex names, Jeff O’Neil, calling the brand managers down, bashing Corus as a whole and the brands being in the shit hole.
    Do your bloody homework before you lash out untruthful comments that U Havnt the slightest clue about. CKNW is actually on a MASSIVE rise in ratings with Drex being one of their highest listening houra! And CFOX has ratings that are HIGHER than ever with The Jeff O’Neil show being the #1 morning show in the city. So before you write a bunch of hateful comments regarding the amazing hard ass job that they have to do every single day- DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Yes the jeff O’Neil show is known for “pushing the limits”. Was this a lapse in judgement – Absolutely . but should their entire careers be penalized for it – hell no. CKNW is still a huge part of the community and has changed their sound to appeal to a younger more vibrant fresh audience and truth is if u hate it – they probably arent looking to target you. anyhow.
    The question posed on the show today was distasteful and not well thought out – but all of the peolle writing hateful comments and being just plain old bully’s on here in my opinion are worse.
    At least the JO show didn’t bully anyone directly. You all should be ashamed.

  8. Totally tasteless. there goes the younger female demo. So much for listening to Vancouver.
    IK should get the silver bullet over this. That’s what happens when you have weak management.

  9. While the comments made by O’ Neil were DEFINITELY in poor taste, to hear the constant drivel against Ian Koenigsfest is equally annoying.

    The station (CKNW) continues to remain in 3rd place in the overall ratings.

    If CKNW languished in last place, behind their traffic station, I could see the need for a house cleaning. But, you critics continue to listen to NW, make no mistake !

    It is one of the bizarre paradoxes about this site, actually.

  10. Calling Jeff O’Neil a comedian is an insult to comedians. He’s a hack. I get why Drex would find it funny, cause they are alike in that way.

  11. @loyal nwfox

    The only bit of truth that you have in your statement of defense that I can agree with is your take on Drex. His comment re the segment in question was his opinion just like yours and mine. If anyone knows what happens when you cross the line of bad taste , Drex should know.
    He paid a price when he was fired. That said , opinions are one thing but someone made a serious error in judgment and just because you like the edgy and soewhat tasteless CFOX schict doesnt mean the people that manage to keep NW in 3rd place share your taste. Im glad that they are speaking up, I hope someone on the 21st floor is listening

  12. I’m sure today’s ” Live life like it’s a beer commercial” guys, who turn to Jon Stewart for serious news, loved every minute of this. CKNW has re-invented itself; I’m sure they don’t care what old time listeners like me think.

  13. Al, you underestimate Jon Stewart’s relationship to news. Though the show is comedy, it often talks about issues ignored by the networks and mainstream news. Stewart fans would find the O’Neil and Drex shtick tacky too.

  14. If CKNW languished in last place, behind their traffic station, I could see the need for a house cleaning.

    I dont think they will ever totally languish behind their traffic station but if you look at one of the valued targets they are going after (Women 25-54) they are a hair more than Praise FM and about a point away from languishing behind their traffic station.

  15. Please don’t compare what Jon Stewart does to the O’Neil show. One is intelligent satire and comedy, the other is not. I’ll let you decide which is which.

    I’m a woman nearing my 40s and I find Jon Stewart hilarious. O’Neil, not so much. So I listen elsewhere – CBC Vancouver in the morning and the Zone. I like funny, even the dark stuff. But I want it to be smart-funny and not just jokes that are only about dicks, bums, and violence against women.

  16. At 3:30 pm Wednesday CKNW tweeted:

    Jeff O’Neil show will not be on air Thursday or Friday, as scheduled. Show to return in early 2015. #CFOX

  17. I don’t think they will ever totally languish behind their traffic station but if you look at one of the valued targets they are going after (Women 25-54) they are a hair more than Praise FM and about a point away from languishing behind their traffic station.

    One step away from oblivion or from infamy ?

    I have a hunch that the whole Jeff O’Neil debacle was a premeditated stunt, silently approved by NW management to jumpstart the sagging, but still strong NW ratings and also, to guage public perception?

    When the supposedly innocent stunt unexpectedly turned ugly, the damage control machine came out, but the contrition might be all a “b.s.” ruse ?

    Since Jeff Oneil hasn’t been fired yet, that could mean only one thing ? It’s a tacit admission that the “higherups” approved of it ?

    At any other radio station, O’Neil would be done like dinner !

    So, congrats to NW, Howard Stern radio is on its way !

  18. I missed that segment unfortunately, but what puzzles me is the hatred for CFOX. I used to be in their demo, back in the early 80’s, in fact, I sent in an audition tape to CFOX, when Terry David Mulligan left, and it was aired on CBC TV. Of course Larry & Willie got that job.

    Do I listen to the station now? No, but then I am 50 years old now, not 18. My point is that CFOX is a kid station, for blue collar guys, and “The Joke” is what 18 year olds talk about, although I doubt any 18 year olds would know who those three ladies are, so the joke fell flat. I wonder what posters like 13 would think of Howard Stern in his prime. Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if those most offended are the competion to CFOX/CKNW.

  19. How kind of you to let me decide, Sally! Stewart’s routine is too smug and judgmental to qualify as “intelligent” satire and his shtick is very tiring and predictable; according to my laddish neighbours, his routine overlaps nicely with shock radio show hosts. And how CBC gets any listeners I have no idea! Is it a nationalistic thing, an emotional PC compulsion, or a lifestyle choice?

  20. @cfroman
    I can tell you exactly what 13 would think of howard stern.
    I have hears his name.
    I couldnt pick him out of a line up
    I have never heard his voice.

    Thats what a lot of people dont get. NWs audience might be getting on in age but they are a demographic that doesnt find that kind of humor the slightest bit interesting. If NW wants to reinvent itself it doesnt get the fact that you yourself made. As you grow older your tastes change. The “OLD” nw format was quite comfortable for the 50 plus crowd. IK and corus are tossing away a solid base of listeners to try to appeal to a demographic that doesnt listen to talk news radio. The experiment with simulcast proved that. BAD management decisions.

  21. C-FOX is running jocklessthis morning, aside from news and traffic. No one is going to get fired a week before Christmas. However, this whole setup does have some echoes of the Dean Blundell controversy which occurred just over a year ago. Wasn’t that show also first suspended?

  22. Thanks Donovan I was about to say the same thing. The message on the edge website is almost identical to this one. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if this is the way out for the morning show. With Meredith and jeremy baker coming over plus Pam Carmen and craig stone you will have a decent lineup especially if they keep captain scotty or use Sam Ferris more. I also used to think when neil Morrison would sit in for Jeff with scotty and charis or Karen the show was much better then it is now.

  23. Yes, the Blundell Show was first on hiatus, then was axed in January.

    This whole thing is indicative of such poor management. Why would the 55+ crowd listening to NW have any interest in the style of a CFOX jock? It makes no sense. But I’ve also been in the game long enough to know that this is what management types do when they’re pushed to find ratings answers.

    As for the “joke” – what a bad decision. You might get away with that on CFox – and from the sounds of it, they do – but you can’t even THINK of trying that on NW. Time and a place, as a wise man once said. And this was neither the time, nor the place.

  24. Al, we don’t have to like the same things. That why there’s choice in the market.

    I started listening to CBC in the morning a couple of years ago (was an NW listener previously) largely because I like Scott Regehr’s sports casts and World Report. Their content is also a bit quirkier and more intently focused on the arts and provincial politics – I like the longer format interviews. So no, not an emotional or nationalistic compulsions. I just happen to feel like that station is actively trying to reach my demo. I can relate to it.

  25. The one comment I have yet to see is that the incident would not have happened if Jon McComb had been anchoring the NW morning show. I think the O’Neil bunch took advantage of the fact Gailus and Barnes were guest hosting and simply took advantage of them. Not very sporting of them in spite of being in bad taste.
    Radio has dropped to new depths with what programmers allow on their airwaves these days. Time to tighten the thumb screws and make show hosts responsible for content. Assuming, of course, that responsibility extends to the programmer as well. The station should run from the top down NOT the bottom up!

  26. I will say this I miss the old Frosty Forest Show, if they could find someone like that NW would be a ratings champ. Although corny I did like the Roving Mike shows from the Grey Line bus tours, where Bill Hughes would interview the tourists on board.

  27. I don’t understand the premise of the simulcast, other then an ‘in-house’ love-in. When will management understand, that continually promoting the normal, ‘boring’ lives of these so-called personalities does ‘zero’ to attract an audience, and in fact, research shows, turns more people off. But when good, solid content is lacking, let’s do the easy stuff and talk about, and amongst ourselves.
    I did not hear the segment, and had I heard that one show was going to interview another, I would be as far away from the radio as possible. You really have to get over yourselves. Nothing could be less interesting then what any of these people did last night in their personal lives….unless of course, they flew to Mars and back. C’mon you ‘big-time’ broadcasters—leave the big egos at the door and give me some compelling content that really affects me (and that does not include what your favourite Christmas song is). You might have to do a little work to find it ’cause it’s not as easy as reading off a teleprompter.

  28. CKNW is useless chicken shit MSM brand anyways. Eckford is the only one who has the real no holds barred journalistic non biased broadcasting guts. To bad he stays around such a hollow circle. Since Gailus and Squire Barnes were let loose on the show to finish the damage to CKNW., i only listen to Eckford and turn the dial when biased weak pretend journalist Gailus comes on. Simi doesn’t even seem to have what it takes anymore. So sad. If their trying to cater to the younger crowd, then only a dumbed down generation would listen to a dumbed down station

  29. A dumbed down radio talk show broadcasting station is good for government , but not good for the public.. Just what the government loves.

  30. My my… when are we going to finally get through this era of the incredible dangerous, fascist, stifling, intellectually imprisoning and pablum producing political correctness. It has been here too long for any good that it’s done.

    I’m not taking sides ’cause I have no dog in this race, but we need to chill.
    If someone says something you don’t like on radio, tv or in print, ignore it. Media personalities are performers, not leaders; entertainers, not guru’s; stars perhaps but not celestial. Ego’s aside, we on this forum should know that better than anyone.

    This is a democracy so of course, opinions are valid, even vital, entertaining, informative and useful in debate for them that care. But it is a democracy within capitalism.

    So demographics are important to the bottom line. Stop listening, watching or reading the outlets that offend you, and switch to those outlets that make you happy.

    The field will level itself. Anyway, it’s all about money, after all.

  31. Jeff O’Neil show should be shut down for that crap and Gailus and Barnes should have stayed at Global and never come to CKNW, to do what they are not meant to do. Now they got their fingers burnt, and have tarnished their reputation also. They both should have left the O’ Neil conversation immediately instead of continuing on with the disgraceful banter.

  32. What happens in the locker room should stay in the locker room not be broadcast for public consumption. The airwaves are a public space – Hello?

  33. I have heard that people feel Jeff is done. Karen and captain scotty may have roles at other times of the day. Although my ideal lineup would be Craig Stone and Carmen Cruz mornings Meredith middays Jeremy Baker afternoons Pam Stevens evenings and weekends should have britters, Sam ferris, Karen k and captain scotty. Eliminate josies top 20 and bring in Alan cross. Maybe also vt overnights

  34. The problem Gailus and Barnes had is how do you walk off the very show you’re guest hosting on, it was a simulcast when the F-Marry-Kill question was asked. But again, how can they come down on Jeff O Neill when he was doing that bit for years without any problems. His listeners had no issues with his brand of humour, it was really a small twitter mob that had an issue and management reacted from there. Yes, he should have known when you work the NW side you may want to dial back on what you normally do, but if you listened to what happened, he actually gives a warning about the impending joke, albeit a rather weak one. What’s hilarious is when former NW talk show host Christy Clark won the election the first show she went on wasn’t Bill Good or Simi, it was Jeff O Neill’s.

  35. If the fox jock has been fired then why not Gallius and Barnes. If they were not reading a script and werent sharp enough to stop the fox jock to bad so sad. They allowed him to tell the joke then laughed along with him.
    To answer the question why was this schtick bad on this particular day when he had done it before is to go to the heart of NWs current problem. NW has a totaly different audience than CFOX. They might be trying to appeal to the CFOX crowd but clearly that isnt happening

  36. There is nothing to do with destrutive political correctness, or hindrances to freedom of speech and democracy. Its all about ethics a and common sense in the broadcast journalism business. It was there a long time ago and never caused any problems with our democratic ideals, and the in depth informative stuff got out there for the public and kept democracy strong. Jack Webster would shake his head in astonishment if he seen the garbage talk and meaningless banter, that is so prevailent.Ratings from a younger crowd? Bull ! Look what the fool’s caused for themselves in their blind pursuit of ratings and moments of self serving grandeur.

  37. Mike Smyth had an expert on and they discussed the dentistry students and their offensive club/facebook. The discussion was wide ranging from why they acted as they did to did the punishment fit the crime. I waited for him to open up the phones so I could pose the question.
    Were the dentists more or less offensive than Oneil/Galius and Barnes? He didnt take calls. I cant imagine that the dentists were worse than ” would you marry, kill or f**k?

  38. It appears the Jeff O Neil show will return next week. Wonder if any of the NW types who publicly claimed outrage at his joke last month will go on the air and complain that their company has brought him back? Doubt it. And the angry but small twitter crowd likely won’t say anything either. Faux outrage, it’s so fleeting.

  39. Jeff O Neil does not deserve to be fired for what happened on NW back in Dec. If his humour was unacceptable he should have been fired or disciplined long before the ill fated simulcast.

    On the other hand.

    Who ever was responsible for putting the simulcast together , now there is a canidated for termination.


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