Behind the scenes at CKNW


CKNW Brand Director Ian Koenigsfest decided to start a new “behind the scenes” video blog for all of our listeners.
Mike Eckford ‘photobombs’ CKNW Brand Director Ian Koenigsfest’s new video blog



  1. Its definitely a different station aimed at younger viewers. Don’t laugh, but I miss a little music that they used to play on the station. Music trivia was fun too.

  2. IK , I look forward to your next disaster. Simulcast with Jeff Oniel. I hear that gailus actualy laughed at the jokes that trivialized violence against women. Too bad if it hurts his credibility as a news anchor. Fact is just just being on NW these days is hurting his credibility

  3. I can’t believe Gailus is filling for McComb.But then CKNW does seem to do the most dum things in their race to the bottom to become the best in dumbed down Main Stream Media.. If there was an award for it. They might very well win it.


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