VANCOUVER Radio Ratings PPM’s .. Sept. 1 – Nov. 30 2014


PPM Top-line Radio Statistics

Vancouver CTRL
Survey period: Radio Meter 2013/14 – Sept. 1 – Nov. 30 2014
Demographic: A2+
Daypart: Monday to Sunday 2am-2am
Geography: Vancouver CTRL
Data type: Respondent

Station                                 Share (%)    Cume (000)   Daily Cume (000)  Trend
CBU+    (Radio One)             12.5                 771.6               186.6                      +2.9
CHQMFM   (QM/FM)        11.2               2,355.4              412.3                       +0.2
CKNW   (News Talk 980)    8.7                  587.3              172.1                        -0.6
CFBTFM   (The Beat)            7.2               2,063.9              352.3                       -0.4
CJJRFM    (Country)              7.1               1,407.7              176.4                       +0.4
CKWX    (News 1130)           6.8                  955.9              224.8                       +0.8
CFMIFM    (Rock 101)          6.7              1,619.9               202.5                        -1.0
CJAXFM    (Jack FM)             5.9               1,828.8              229.4                       -1.3
CKZZFM   (Z95.3)                  5.1               1,993.1               295.2                      +0.3
CFOXFM    (The Fox)            4.2               1,151.5               144.6                      +0.4
CKPKFM  (The Peak)           3.8               1,318.0              138.3                       -0.2
CFUNFM    (Sonic FM)         3.7               1,661.8              222.5                       -0.5
CBU FM    (Radio Two)        3.5                   854.6              108.0                      +0.2
CHLGFM    (LG 104.3)         2.7               1,244.7              107.7                      +0.7
CKST   (TSN 1040)                 2.3                  660.5               103.6                     +0.8
KWPZFM* (Praise FM)      2.0                  505.1                  55.8                      +0.8
CISL (AllTime Favorites)   1.8                  506.5                  65.2                       -0.2
CHMJ      (All Traffic)            0.9                  801.3                  79.9                      +0.2
CFTE      (TSN 1410)             0.2                  298.0                  20.2                       -0.3
* = spill station


  1. The firing of Philip Till and Bill Good obviously didn’t bring NW to their knees. Being in third place overall is nothing to sneeze about.

  2. Rock 101 numbers down by one full percentage point, ouch! Could there be more changes at Corus Entertainment. JRs number continue to grow, this is a good sign.

  3. I’d be curious on the ‘NW numbers for each daypart. Some rather underwhelming numbers for LG104.3. I know, its still early in the game, but clearly there is something missing. FM 104-9/FUN-FM was a much better station formatically.

  4. NW’s numbers still are problematic. They are down slightly from last year at this time and are down a lot from two years ago.

    Keep in mind that part of this ratings period had a teacher’s strike where teachers had a lot of time on their hands to listen to NW and call in to influence topics. Now that they are back at work most teachers probably don’t listen to the station anymore.

  5. Mark,

    I think you have it backwards. Parents of students were tuning in during the teacher’s trike, not just teachers. This also effect CBC and News1130, they all benefited from the strike.

  6. Cant help being surprised by the abysmal showing from the two TSN stations. Even combining the two they dont add up to much more than Praise FM. Something’s broken.

  7. If the 12plus #s are of any significance, ‘NW is then in serious trouble. Do the math: CBC and WX gained almost 4 points, NW dropped, so the net effect for the News/Talk format is a move away from ‘NW big time towards CBC and WX.

    Time for ‘NW to spend some dollars, get some experienced producers/hosts/News readers because this current experiment is going nowhere. There is no shame in admitting a mistake and making the necessary changes–it happens all the time in business. Corus needs some leadership that will ‘man up.’ As in any business, there is a tipping point at which the quality of the product has been so compromised, consumers turn away. It appears ‘NW has reached that tipping point. It is not the fault of inexperienced hosts/producers/News who have been asked to perform a job they have not been properly trained to do. Would you ask a first year carpentry student at BCIT to build you a house? The pressure will have to come from the Sales Dept—will they be able to spin a good enough story on the street to sell a 6-share (male) radio station.

  8. I have to agree that it’s time for Corus to spend some money. It’s sad what has happened to them. The quality of the on air hosts (except for Jon McComb) has gone a way down from when the station was number 1. And now we hear that Dave Sheldon is filling in for McComb while he’s on holidays?? The guy can’t put together a decent sportscast. What makes the brainiacs in the “brand” department think he can handle the whole show. Corus is just begging someone to come into this market with a decent lineup and bury them once and for all. Where’s the Griffiths family when we need them??

  9. Time for ‘NW to spend some dollars, get some experienced producers/hosts/News readers because this current experiment is going nowhere.

    Have to start with the management team. A fish rots from the top down. Once that is done then a full scale housecleaning is the next step. IK is the Mike Gillis of radio, you dont want him making any changes because there is a good chance it will take a new person years to correct.

    As for McComb I like the guy but he fits the afternoons more than mornings. Starting your day off by hearing a show on mental illness does not kick your day off to a good start and Jon does that a lot because of his background, understandable but not good radio. Sheldon doing the show will be good comic relief.

  10. It is interesting to observe that “intelligent” radio, such as CBC achieves a dominant position. The other radio stations, who have all but cut the heart out of the business and continue to strive for the lowest common denominator, while scrapping amongst themselves, are all self-destructing.

    Time for commercial radio to have a big “re-think” of their purpose out there on the airwaves….to entertain and inform….on a higher level….give the listeners something to aspire to, not to bring them down into the gutter or the basement of broadcasting.

    As, with motion pictures….”CONTENT IS KING”…..think about it while you bask in your ivory towers contemplating how you can cut more corners, do things more cheaply, fire the really talented and experienced on-air performers because they “cost too much”.

    When will they ever learn?

  11. Someone wrote on one of these posts in regards to ‘NW ratings that their new format is working?
    I had a look at the Kowch graph and was actually surprised at how poorly ‘NW does in many of the demo’s. Is the new ‘NW really working?

    Lately my time spent listening to ‘NW is on my 45 to 55 minute commute from work each afternoon depending on bus and skytrain connections. Unfortunately that 45 or so minutes starts at just after 4:30 where Mike features the ultra annoying “family affair” segment. That’s where Mike’s producers share their wisdom and take on the hot topics of the day. Oh gawd.

    The family affair segment is then followed up with “what the Eck?” That’s where Mike plays audio clips from youtube. Yesterday it was a clip of some guy with a lisp trying to pronounce the word “asthma”. Come on Mike, you can do better than this .

    Lately I find myself listening to stuff on my tunedinradio app. Found a great Lounge type station playing oldies, talkin’ Sinatra, etc and I am really not THAT old 😉


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