Parksville’s Patrick Nicholson, Morning Host on ‘The Lounge 99.9’, Dead from Cancer




Parksville’s Patrick Nicholson, Morning Host on ‘The Lounge 99.9’, Dead from Cancer

Very sorry to hear on ‘The Lounge’ that veteran mornng man Patrick Nicholson has lost his battle with cancer.  Patrick had been off the air the past three weeks or so, and Bill Dean, who has been filling in, announced the sad news to his audience this morning.  Patrick passed away on Saturday at age 67.


The picture is Patrick addressing a crowd in Nanaimo this past June, after taking part in The Relay for Life.

He got his start in the 1960’s at CJAV Port Alberni, and he has worked at stations all over BC, several times at both Williams Lake and Nanaimo.


Above is a much younger Patrick at the controls of CKOV Kelowna. And below, a more recent photo from a Facebook page.  Patrick had been morning man at ‘The Lounge’ since the station went on the air in February 2005.

Patrick’s Celebration of Life took place Saturday January 10th, in Parksville 


  1. A big loss to the station and to the people of Parksville and Qualicum Beach. Patrick was a true broadcaster in every sense of the word. Rest in peace my friend!


  2. Patrick was a kindred spirit and sweet soul. He was a true, kind friend, a community booster, great co-worker and an entertainer. He loved the radio biz. He made all of us at the Island Radio division of Jim Pattison Broadcast Group better. Thank you. We remember his smile, his spirit and his unfailing courage in his battle with cancer. Rest in peace Patrick.

  3. Such sad news. Patrick always had a smile for everyone and took the time to chat with and offer advice and his help to co workers no matter how long they have been around. A real gentleman who will be missed by the community and his coworkers.

    Rest in Peace

  4. I had the pleasure of knowing Patrick for years and worked with him in Williams Lake. Incredibly nice guy and such a big heart. He will always be fondly remembered by those who listened to him on the radio and those who knew him. “Patrick loves you most”

  5. It’s taken me a couple of days to process Patrick’s passing. I’ve known for some time that he was battling cancer and became aware in recent weeks that it was apparent he was going to lose that fight. What came as a surprise was how fast the end came but that was surely a blessing as he had suffered long enough during this fight.

    I first met Patrick when I became General Manager of Central Island Broadcasting which later evolved into Island Radio. In 2005 when I had the idea to create 99.9 The Lounge and introduce an Adult Standards format to Parksville and Qualicum Beach, there was no question from day one that Patrick would be our candidate for mornings. He was certainly well known and passionate about the community, knew the music and was in a career other than radio at that time … so it was a perfect fit for everyone. We spent many hours together nurturing the format, discussing the music for the station, writing the imaging that Gary Owens would voice for us. It was a pretty special time in my career and that station and working with Patrick was particularly unique because the station was so far out of the usual for commercial radio.

    There are many people in our business who take the path of being significant contributors in smaller communities. They are not the best known or highest profile personalities in this wonderful world of radio but their contributions are just as important. And Patrick’s contribution to the Oceanside community and Island Radio are certainly worth the recognition he’s receiving following his passing. He will be missed.

  6. Pocket Rocket Radio’s and Gene McCormick at CHUB. Just a couple of things that jump to mind when I think about Patrick.

    We both started at CJAV in Port Alberni. I was fully angst ridden & confused. But even back then Patrick had a sense of calm about him which of course only added to my confusion. Stop being so damn nice Patrick!!

    We first found common ground with our love of radio. Specifically our personal radio’s. Pocket Rocket Radio’s. Turned out we both had one when we were 7 or so years old. He couldn’t be all bad I figured.

    Maurice Inwards was one of our heroes. A huge talent who could have made it anywhere but chose to stay small town. We couldn’t wait to hear Moe’s next spot production. Those “voices” his production values. A great influence on us & everyone else at the station.
    Another of our ‘heroes’ back then was Gene McCormick at CHUB in Nanaimo. Gene was off-the-wall. One of Gene’s creations was “Wonder Mother” who during the day was meek & mild but at night transformed into “Wonder Mother” who saved the Hub City from all manner of evil. And she happened to live High atop Nanaimo’s tallest building of the day… That skyscraper as we called it.

    Patrick & I on several occasions made our way to CHUB, then located in the bowels of Nanaimo’s only redeeming structure the Malaspina Hotel. (Those responsible for the destruction/desecration of the Malaspina should have been surgically altered & indentured to a demented incarnation of a well known boys choir. But no hard feelings you understand.)

    I digress. Patrick & I managed to worm our way into CHUB several times & sit in with Gene as he voiced episodes of “Wonder Mother” and even more impressively we’d watch Gene edit the tape…razor blade & tape.. no edit tabs then… and this was all done on a MagnaVox a beast of a machine compared to the Ampex 601’s we had back at CJAV.

    Patrick & I would stand there and marvel at how Gene could cut & splice that tape and then be even more awestruck when he’’d play it back to see (hear)if everything was ok. It was amazing.

    I was thrilled to hear Patrick finally found a spot for his personality knowledge & dedication to his community. I was considerably less than thrilled to hear of his death. Far far to young.

    To quote Paul Larsen “There are many people in our business who take the path of being significant contributors in smaller communities. They are not the best known or highest profile personalities in this wonderful world of radio but their contributions are just as important”

    Spot on Paul.
    Patrick Nicholson was one of them & so too was Gene McCormick. Nice guys both.

    Clive K

  7. I’m sad to hear of Patrick’s passing. No one should have to suffer through cancer. I worked with Patrick at CKEG, Nanaimo in 1985 and he was a star. Such a hard working person, who loved his job and the community. I still have a plastic coffee mug with his picture on it!! I found it in my mom’s kitchen cupboard a few years ago after she passed away. Condolences to his family.

  8. Just learned this very sad news.
    Patrick was the star of CKWL when I started my first radio job.
    He was always positive and encouraging —and such an important part of the community.
    I learned so much from him


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