DJ David Marsden leaves local, goes global



By Will McGuirk
December 8, 2014

After eleven years at the Oshawa-based 94.9The Rock, David Marsden‘s Theatre, which ran Saturday and Sunday nights, has been cancelled. The man who kickstarted the spirit of radio, CFNY in Toronto, launching a thousand and one music careers says he was told his show was taken off air due to the station’s “evolution”. Somewhat ironic really as he personifies the evolution of radio. That evolution will continue however as Canada’s iconic voice says he will move operations online to

“My business partner Igor Loukine and I totally see (the website) as being a big part of the future of music and entertainment. We started building the site about 18 months ago and did a soft launch in September. At the time we were building the site we didn’t know of the impending changes. It does seem as though everything has somehow worked out so the listener will not lose a place to share the music,” says Marsden.
Two other DJs from alternative radio’s heyday, Ivar Hamilton and Don Berns, are already broadcasting on the new site and Marsden will join them in the new year doing live shows on a weekly basis. However his annual Christmas Eve show will be heard on NYTheSpirit.

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