What’s Better than ‘NFL RedZone’ Channel on a Sunday?


‘NFL RedZone’ provides you with every touchdown, every scoring play (and much more) from every game in the NFL every Sunday.  Mostly live.  And commercial-free.  If you’re a football fan, what could be better?  More than six straight hours of uninterrupted high quality football.

Sure, it costs extra.  But not nearly as much as some folks pay to get the NFL premium package, ‘Sunday Ticket.’  And you can only watch one game at a time anyway.  With the RedZone channel, you let the folks in the control room watch EVERY game live, and switch to the game where the most action is.  If two teams are in the “red zone’ (threatening to score) at the same time, the switching back and forth can be pretty damn exciting.   If there’s too much happening at the same time, you may have to put up with the odd bit of recorded action.  For the average sports fan, it’s incrediible entertainment.

Just my two bits worth.


  1. Watching a great game in it’s entirety is better; seeing scoring highlights is what half time is for! And getting all the time shifting channels gives you more games to choose from, for a very low cost.

  2. In a world where fans are more focused on their fantasy players vs their teams, the RedZone Channel is terrific. Only knock I have on it, Scott Hanson. He jumps in when he’s not needed and starts making assumptions on certain plays that turn out to be false.

    It’s impossible to show every play live but they do a good job of doing it before you see it on Twitter or NFL.com.


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