Jian Ghomeshi Arrested on Sex Assault Charges


Former appeared in court Wednesday afternoon (picture below)

                            Jian Ghomeshi leaves court in Toronto after posting $100,000 bail.

By:  Staff Reporter,  Investigations, TORONTO STAR
Published on Wed Nov 26 2014

Former CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi was arrested Wednesday morning, Toronto police confirmed.

Ghomeshi, 47, has been charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of overcome resistance – choking.

He is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday afternoon.

Nine women and one man have told the Star and other media that they were choked, hit or sexually harassed by Ghomeshi. Toronto police began their investigation on Oct. 31. At the time, three women, including Trailer Park Boys actress Lucy DeCoutere, had come forward with allegations.

Ghomeshi, who was fired by the CBC on Oct. 26, dropped his $55-million lawsuit against the public broadcaster on Tuesday.

CBC spokesman Chuck Thompson declined comment, saying “we don’t comment on police matters.”



  1. That is true. Bail release conditions include he must live with his mother. Believe he is to appear next on Dec. 5th. His lawyer told the assembled throng he will enter a not guilty plea.

  2. The public relations firm he hired after this story broke has now dropped him. They got played for fools by Ghomeshi because they believed his story and advised him to sue the CBC. Now that the lawsuit has been rescinded, Ghomeshi doesn’t have a scapegoat for his actions.

  3. Did you watch the CTV version of the arrest, versus the CBC’s one ?

    Big difference.

    CTV’s Peter Akman’s report was genuinely professional, matter of fact about it, objective, as it should be ? Yes, more charges are pending, yes, the charges are serious. yes, the new charges will likely be piggy backed onto the old ones,

    The only beef for me was CTV’s court artist sketch of Ghomeshi, making the broadcaster look about 30 pounds heavier and about 20 years older,

    What’s up with that ! LOL I guess that an alleged sexual predator must look a certain way.

    With CBC, the “lesbians” appeared to relish the whole idea of Ghomeshi’s firing and now arrest, and seemed to deliver the bad news as a way to justify (the firing) of Ghomeshi from CBC.

    In other words, it was a defensive report from Ghomeshi’s former colleagues who seemed wounded about it all and indeed, the whole Ghomeshi debacle has divided the once proud CBC into two camps; for and against.

    Thankfully, the mother corp. has a few honest ones left, like soon to be retiring journalist Linden McIntyre, who wondered out loud if the witchhunt against Mister G. had reached its boiling point ?

    They sent the tag team of Diana Swain, as anchor of the bad news, while Ioanna Remiliotis reported.

    First, report starts with a scene outside the Toronto courthouse with a weird caption: “MEDIA CIRCUS !

    Well, if it’s really is a circus, does the PT Barnum adage also apply here, namely, “there’s a sucker born every minute ?”

    The story then segues into a weirder hidden identity witness who has nothing good to say about Ghomeshi. ”

    For people who hide behind such media shadows, I say, go to court, unmasked, and put your money where your mouth is Be prepared to be cross examined by the best lawyers money can buy and prepare yourself to look foolish, if you are not as you seem.

  4. I am concerned for his mother.

    I am sure that she has suffered enough, and now this.

    I hope that the Media will just go away, and leave the poor woman in peace.

  5. You can bet the living with his mother was a term of bail agreeably negotiated by his lawyer as the least offensive of the options suggested, in order to try to reduce the chances of producing more complainants,


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