Former Q Host Jian Ghomeshi Drops $55 Million CBC Lawsuit


The former Q host must pay $18,000 in legal costs related to the suit he filed against the employer who fired him, a CBC spokesman told the Toronto Star

Jian Ghomeshi when he was host of the CBC radio Q. His $55 million lawsuit against his former employer has been dismissed.


Jian Ghomeshi when he was host of the CBC radio Q. 

By: Investigations, Toronto Star  Published on Tue Nov 25 2014
Former Q host Jian Ghomeshi has withdrawn his $55 million lawsuit against the CBC, says Chuck Thompson, spokesman for the national broadcaster.

“The parties have reached a settlement; the lawsuit has been withdrawn but it still needs to be formalized through a court order,” Thompson told the Star Tuesday.

The deal was reached last Friday.

Ghomeshi must pay $18,000 in legal costs to the CBC, Thompson said, related to the terms of the settlement. Earlier CBC had asked for the lawsuit to be dismissed.

The suit was launched by Ghomeshi the day after he was terminated by the CBC.


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