Trying To Make Sense Of Radio Format Trends



Richard Harker


Monday November 24th 2014


Last week, NTS MediaOnline Today told you about a post by veteran media researcher Richard Harker at his Radio Insight’s blog, in which he challenged how Nielsen develops it’s regular format trends reports.

In a follow-up “Part Two” post entitled, Making Sense of Radio Format Trends, Harker continues his exploration of the topic, looking at the conflicting message between Nielsen’s recent headlines on the up and down trends of various formats, vs. the reality of what Harker says is really going on, according to his analysis.

“We know that month-to-month wobbles tend to be random, some up, some down, so most stations wobble somewhere around their ‘true’ share,” writes Harker.

“This randomness means that in any given month about half of the stations in a format will be up, and half will be down. So for any format to really be trending down or up, we have to see a steady move in one direction over several months.”

Read Harker’s full post HERE.

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