BJ Doyle: from CJJC Langley to 1410 CFUN


From BJ’s facebook page

CHECK YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR: It takes a thick skin for some of us radio types to “go back…” In the process of digitizing boxes of tapes, I came across a less than auspicious radio debut, reading news for CJJC Langley (less than 20 seconds in, I manage to boot at least one pronunciation… What can I say? I was basically a fetus with shoes, maybe 19 yrs old – with ZERO experience) ..and fast-forward less than 30 seconds in, stringing for CFUN years later. Includes a Steve Burgess plug near the end. Love the C-FUN-Ometer!! …anybody else care to “bare all”? ‪#‎airchecks‬ ‪#‎stokedforradio‬…/cjjc-to-cfun-in-less-than-90



  1. Ah c’mon, BJ! you don’t give yourself enough credit. Your delivery really fit the MOR sound of CJJC. Keep those old airchecks coming! 🙂


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