A Pocket Radio that is Highly Recommendable


As a lifelong radio fan I feel compelled to share with you how happy I am with the Sony ICF-S10MK2, just the best pocket-sized radio I’ve ever encountered.

I found it for sale in a Sears store on Maui a couple of years ago, and felt the $12.99 price to be irresistable.  Needless to say I was delighted post-purchase when I had the chance to try it out, and found its performance superior to anything of that size that I had encountered before.

Being a senior citizen my favorite radio is still to be found on the AM band, and here in Victoria my Sony will cleanly separate the signals of CBC 690, Seattle’s ESPN 710, and Vancouver’s All-Traffic 730. Even some other larger Sony radios can’t do that!

The FM band picks up 95% of the over-the-air signals on offer from both sides of the border.

And the two AA batteries last approximately forever.  As well, the sound quality on the $1.25 ear buds I’m currently using from the local Dollar store produce excellent full-spectrum sound.   You can’t go wrong with this excellent tiny powerhouse, which is pictured in approximate true life size.

The radio has unfortunately been dropped half-a-dozen times, and despite my trepidation on each occasion, it continues to serve me well, having suffered no apparent harm.


  1. For many years if you wanted quality electronics you simply bought a Sony. 1975 I bought a Sony amp/tuner at the PNE it was a whopping 35 watts per channel. Ive still got the amp and it still works flawlessly.

  2. Thanks for the post Ron. I dropped into The Source here in Parksville this afternoon and picked up my Sony Pocket Radio for $19.99. It’s a great little unit which is so convenient to carry around.

  3. Even better is the SRF59, also available through London Drugs but at a higher price.

    A whole sub-branch of long-distance AM reception as a hobby has opened up in recent years… called .

    Some Chinese manufactured small receivers now include a computer chip to handle a lot of the circuitry… Tecsun’s DSP range, especially the 310 and 380, run rings around older receivers for sensitivity and selectivity.

  4. Can you get Radio Disney 1250 (Seattle)? That is one station I am having difficulty picking up in Vancouver thanks to 1200 CJRJ. I am asking strictly as a DXer. I have no interest whatsoever in the programming on Radio Disney.

    You guys believe me right?

  5. I’m glad they’re still producing these little Sony workhorses. I picked up a couple in the U.S. several years ago when they were on sale at Longs Drugs for $9.99.

    By the way, anyone know a good repair shop/service in Victoria or Vancouver? I’ve got an old 1960s transistor radio that I’d love to get restored for sentimental reasons.


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