Ferguson Riot Police Viciously Attack Reporters and Protestors



All Hell Breaks Loose Again in Ferguson tonight….


  1. Nope, only those who want to behave like toddlers throwing tantrums in a supermarket because their parents won’t let them have candy from the candy section, because that’s what those rioters in Ferguson (and elsewhere, from what I’ve read) are acting very much like.

  2. American law favours white cops, isn’t it true ? Canadian law is no better ! Cops rarely get convicted, up here, as well ? Might as well make two sets of laws, one for the government agents and one for the rest of us !

  3. Well, in this case, I’m more likely to believe the word of the cop (Darren Wilson) than I am the word of a criminal who was involved in a strong-arm robbery of a convenience store (Michael Brown) and who resisted arrest and tried to attack and kill him, or the word of the criminal’s accomplice (Dorian Johnson) or of the mainstream media (who have lied and covered for the criminal). Those who spoke in Wilson’s defence haven’t done so publicly because they fear retaliation by the protesters and rioters in Ferguson.


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