New Kasem Court Ruling Favors Widow Jean

      • L.A. Judge’s Ruling Opens Door For Burial Of Casey Kasem In Norway

        courtesy  November 21, 2014 L.A3:55 AM (PT)
      • Will the late CASEY KASEM finally be laid to rest? Possibly, reports NBC NEWS, which reports, “five months after radio legend CASEY KASEM died, a LOS ANGELES judge has denied a request from his oldest children that their father’s remains be returned from NORWAY so they can bury him in a HOLLYWOOD cemetery.”The judge ruled YESTERDAY (11/20), that KASEM’s widow, JEAN, has authority over the remains..
      • Earlier this month (NET NEWS 11/10), ALL ACCESS reported KERRI KASEM, the daughter of the late radio icon, had gone to court to try to bring her fathers remains home to the U.S. NBC notes, “The children have also requested that NORWAY deny JEAN’s request to bury the disc jockey’s body in OSLO.
      • Government officials told NBC News that they have decided to defer the decision until the SANTA MONICA POLICE investigation of JEAN KASEM on elder abuse allegations is completed. Those allegations stem from JEAN KASEM’s removal of her husband from a healthcare facility in MAY.” 

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  1. Methinks that the judge may have been bought off by the golddigger to rule in her favor (not surprising, considering other recent judicial actions involving corrupt judges). Hopefully the police gets to the bottom of the controversy involving the elder abuse charges against her and that verdict gets overturned.


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