Mira Laurence Out at CTV Vancouver Island


Nov. 21 2014

Word on the street has Mira Laurence saying goodbye to CTV Vancouver Island, her TV home for more than a decade.

This spring, after 10 years heading up the sports department at the station, she was assigned to lifestyle reporting during a newly formatted CTV News at 5, with anchor Joe Perkins and arts specialist Adam Sawatski.

At the time observers questioned the move, because Mira had established herself solidly in the local sports community, and with viewers who enjoyed her enthusiastic support of local athletes and teams.

Looks like the system-wide Bell Media cutbacks may have targetted Mira’s salary, which one would assume might be close to the top at the station, after 10 years and more with a high profile on-camera assignment.

Both her Twitter account at the station, and her profile on the CTV Van. Island website have been eliminated.

Also said to be gone from the Broad Street station is a producer, identity so far unknown.






  1. Thank god! I’ve never liked her and her speech problems…too many slurred “s” sounds becoming”sh” sounds. For example, “strike” becoming “shtrike”…almost sounds like she was drunk on air.

  2. The Bell bean counters seem to go through this exercise every year. CTV Vancouver Island isn’t recognizable anymore because they keep getting rid of their on-air personalities.

  3. I am very disappointed to hear this news. Mira was a good anchor and along with other on-air personalities that have gone, CTV Vancouver Island is going down the tubes. A lot of Island viewers are switching back to CHEK

  4. I watch both stations’ feature supper-hour news every night, and CTV VI does a significantly better job. CHEK is noticeably short of reporters, and usually has to use anchor talent in voice-over mode. Like the person who has been doing the afternoon update cycles, and the person who will be anchoring at 10 pm.

    Also, when watching in HD you find all the CBC video used by CHEK is in SD only. Those same stories at 6 pm on the CBC News from Vancouver is uniformly HD.
    They are obviously short of capital to upgrade their equipment, whereas CTV SEEMS to be completely upgraded.

  5. You have got to be kidding me…. WTH………. Mira was very professional when she did sports, I too questioned why she was life and entertainment. What’s next, I hope some viewers call into CTV Vancouver island to complain. I for one will do that. Maybe with enough voices we could get her back on the air.

  6. I hate the way these people get dumped and do they actually watch their own stations? I can think of a few other people who should have gone instead. CHEK TV needs news broadcasters for sure….I hope she goes there!

  7. Why must on-line trolls take pot shots under the cloak of anonymity. Mira Laurence is a pro and has served Vancouver Island viewers and the sports community very well. I wish her happiness and success in whatever may be next for her,

  8. But it does suck when ur doing a good job for all these years then they change ur position and then ur ratings go down(they should put them back where it was working well)

    The other thing that ticks me off is how in a lot of companies have these loyal people working for them and then when the time to think about retirement they let u go so u don’t get ur retirement packages….. I really don’t like the buisness world(Owning a buisness seems to be the best way to keep yourself safe )

  9. When bean counters in Ontario say you have to cut X amount of dollars, what else can you do? You can’t cut behind the scenes people anymore because they were gutted ages ago. Have you ever looked in their windows on the weekend? There’s maybe 3 or 4 people inside. Their 6pm weekend news is taped. I’ve walked by at 6 and the place is dark. A far cry from the dozens working there at that time when they first opened.

    I guess Hudson Mack’s salary wasn’t enough savings this year?

  10. Mira is an excellent community figure contributing volunteer hours to charity events, MCing fundraisers as well as cycling the tour de rock. As well as being an excellent on air personality. Very well rounded and an asset to the YYJ. People who post as “anonymous” then slander her, maybe you would enjoy finding out u lost your job via social media then read some goof comment on your bad fortune.

  11. It must really suck working at Bell Media knowing that any day could be your last as they slash and cut down to the bone. The only person with job security is the janitor and even that won’t last once everyone has left the building. Morale must be lower than whale poop. Sad.

  12. Apparently she quit and hudson retired (both there choices) and not 100% sure about this but I think Eryn Glazier and Stephan Andrew were the ones let go. She quit cause thry slashed her pay and moved her to health and lifestyle, BIG MISTAKE! Also I don’t think the weekend news is taped because they can’t do that. Yes there only a couple people in there (producers, anchor & camera man) but it is not taped. She will probably just end up chek though so…

  13. Dude, Hudson was fired, Mira was laid off, Erin left and Stephen was let go and yes they DO pre-tape the weekend news. “Can’t do that”??

    Mira was an excellent community ambassador and good sportscaster. The CTV VI changes at 5 are a joke. Someone said they have more news than CHEK. Do you really watch? All I see on CTV VI at 5 are a few short local news voice-overs then NBC filler stuff. Very amateur looking I have to say. CHEK has FAR better local news at 5 and their staff has been gutted too. Many people left and not replaced but if an anchor voices a local news story, that’s a bad thing? Means more local news to me.

    Oh and CTV VI has not changed to HD. Both local stations still broadcast their news in SD.

    Time for some people here to get their facts straight.

    Both stations are struggling financially but CTV has much deeper pockets behind it, and yes as someone said, an Ontario bean-counter making sure share holders make more money by laying off people. High profile anchor in Toronto was also laid off so it’s not just here. CHEK seems to be able to plug along as an independent. Far better ratings help. Also check out their online social media presence. Far more people engaged with CHEK than CTV VI.

    That’s my rant.

  14. Actually Hudson left (retiredhttp) ://www.timescolonist.com/news/local/hudson-mack-steps-down-time-is-right-for-a-change-1.865521 Also the other two were let go due to money concerns and yes she might have been let go but why? All the people I have talked to say she quit. And they are not taped… two reasons, 1. You can actually tell by looking in the background and looking through the windows and it’s dark outside, 2. They can’t tape it because the live weather update and any news thant might have happened either in the day or previois hour or so. And if you noticed, after hudson left… thats when all the changes happened, so obviously they were waiting for gim to leav. On another note check this out https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=YR6JYTLalZ0

  15. The weekend newscast is taped. Screens on the window can make it look darker and next time something big happens after 5pm, look to see if it’s on at 6. It won’t be. End of story. And if Hudson “retired” there would have been a weeklong on-air “goodbye” for him, not an unceremonious departure without so much as a goodbye. Think about it. Trust me, retirement is about as far from the truth as possible. As for the TC article? They call him for comment and what else is he supposed to say to save face?

    But sorry, this thread is supposed to be about Mira Laurence and bottom line is she deserved better. Typical that local management would be told to axe two people and she was one. I can only assume she was a top earner.

  16. Ok didn’t know cause in the summer they don’t have screens cause its light outside. And yes I agree with you on Hudson Mack, he said he “retired” but really something went down behind closed door’s. Also why would they wait so long to fire her since every one left back in the spring?

  17. Thanks to everyone who reached out during this time of transition. I appreciate it so much – so much!

    I finally got the courage to look at this website today because I had heard there were conversations posted about me.

    Well thank you all for the glowing comments.

    I’m going to be ok

    All my love


  18. Loved you in Sports, Mira, but you SHINE wherever you are ~ I hope you continue shining somewheres else that appreciates a good thing when they have it & treat you right.

  19. I feel it is a disgrace to let Myra Lawrence go and maybe Hudson Mack falls under the same category. She was a fun, INteresting professional. I’m going to switch channels

  20. Mira, You are going to be missed! Your expertise in the sports field was a delight to watch. CTV has made a serious mistake by changing your direction. Wishing you all the best and the next TV station you go to will be the fortunate one! Your professionalism is outstanding!

  21. I was sorry to see Hudson Mack leave but glad to see Mira let go. She was passable in sports but in the role of social/ lifestyle reporter just came across badly. I think she just tried too hard and it showed. I stopped watching the show after Hud left but now that Mira is gone I’ll give it another shot.

    P.S. Someone tell Joe Perkins to please lose that sideways “leer” he often uses for the camera as some kind of silent commentary about the person or story just presented. It’s kind of creepy.

  22. Mira all your sports awards are big acknowledgements of your dedication and expertise in broadcasting. Your story telling exceeds what it truly means to be a decent and kind human being. May the media world hold you in dear regard for your years of service.

  23. Mira all your sports awards are big acknowledgements of your dedication and expertise in broadcasting. Your story telling exceeds what it truly means to be a decent and kind human being. My the media hold you in dear regard for your years if service.

  24. Time to find another news channel couldn’t believe that Hudson Mack was gone when I got back from vacation he was a true news anchor and now Mira who was a top notch reporter no loyalty any more in this worls money and greed has taken over So sad Godd Luck to both Hudson and Mira whatever path they go down now You both are missed.

  25. Chek news needs to pick up ctvs “lay offs” and lose a couple of their duds. They then would be the islands top news cast. Ctv does use a lot of filler and I do flip back and forth but am now really starting to watch more global. Chek needs a set face lift and to replace Gordy Tupper and Sky Ryan. They may be good behind the scenes but terrible to watch on the “cast”.

  26. Apparently Hudson Mack was let go because of some things he said about Stephen Andrew in some emails. That what i heard anyway, and Stephen then left and was taking legal action against Hudson and CTV. Of course CTV and Hudson are gonna say he is retiring but really a guy that’s been on air in this town for that long is gonna just up and retire all of sudden? ? With no final newscast or final month or any anouncements, just bam off air and done. Of course something happened.


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